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March 16, 2011


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I don't disagree with Jack Lessenberry's post today; I'd hope that he likewise would not disagree with the following:

One other thing that Governor Snyder has in common with Governor Walker in Wisconsin, is that time, such as it is, may be on their side.

That is to say, the budgetary difficulties faced by Michigan and Wisconsin are not going away soon. In Wisconsin, county and local governments will soon be facing a fiscal squeeze like they have never known before. And they'll be grateful for the union-negotiation 'equipment' that Govenor Walker has given them, to deal with expensive collective bargaining agreements.

And in Michigan, the tax on defined pensions will in time be seen as a budgetary essential, putting Michigan in line with other states, without having raised marginal rates on any portion of the taxpaying public.

They talk about recalling the Wisconsin Senate Republicans, but even if that strategy worked, and if (a very large IF) they somehow managed to overturn the state senate majority, there won't be any reversal of the just-passed Budget Repair Bill; for the simple reason that the current Wisconsin Assembly and the Governor won't change. Both being necessary to change the status quo.

Elections do have consequences.

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