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March 10, 2011


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Clarification -- and thanks to Daric Thorne for bringing this to my attention

I may have spoken in error here about who would appoint EFMs, though the Snyder administration was talking as if the treasurer would appoint EFMs. This language does still remain in the bill passed by the Senate:


The governor may delegate his or her duties under this
section to the state treasurer


And it would indeed not surprise me if the governor did not have the treasurer make such appointments, to take the political heat off himself. Of course, the treasurer serves at the pleasure of the governor, and would be unlikely to make an appointment of which the governor disapproved.

We'll now have to see what actually happens!


The governor of Michigan already has sweeping emergency powers, under Act 191 of 1982.


including these powers from MCL 10.84


During an energy emergency, the governor may do all of the following:

(a) Order specific restrictions on the use and sale of energy resources. Restrictions imposed by the governor under this subdivision may include:

(i) Restrictions on the interior temperature of public, commercial, industrial, and school buildings.

(ii) Restrictions on the hours and days during which public, commercial, industrial, and school buildings may be open.

(iii) Restrictions on the conditions under which energy resources may be sold to consumers.

(iv) Restrictions on lighting levels in public, commercial, industrial, and school buildings.

(v) Restrictions on the use of display and decorative lighting.

(vi) Restrictions on the use of privately owned vehicles or a reduction in speed limits.

(vii) Restrictions on the use of public transportation including directions to close a public transportation facility.

(viii) Restrictions on the use of pupil transportation programs operated by public schools.

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