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February 14, 2011


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Jack, even you must know how perverse it is, to suggest this:

"All this makes me fear that the real winner of the midterm elections may turn out to have been the Asian carp, which, if it gets established in the Great Lakes, could effectively destroy the fishing industry."

How did the "midterm elections" affect the looming problem of the Asian Carp?

After all, it was a band of Republican state Attorneys General, led by Michigan's Mike Cox, who tried their best, with an admittedly longshot lawsuit, to close the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to the advancing carp.

The Canal, and its system of locks, is jointly operated by three federal executive-branch agencies: the U.S. Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the EPA. For the individual states to force those agencies to do anything against their will is legally complicated and time-consuming.

But there is one man who, with little more than a stroke of his pen, has the jurisdiction and the power to close those locks. That man is the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Obama could have and sholuld have done something about the Asian Carp advance before now. Only he can explain why he hasn't. All that he has done so far is to throw tax dollars at a study, and to otherwise kick the can down the canal, er, road. It is the Obama Administration, and not any elected Republican at the state or federal level, that has done everything in its power fight for the continued open operation of the canal.

Indeed, perhaps the best and surest way to halt the progress of the Asian Carp through the City of Chicago, would be to get ourselves a new President in the next general election. One who might not have quite so many of his own cronies in Chicago city politics.

It is remarkable indeed, that Obama had no hesitation to exceed his legal authority and halt all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico last summer. (A federal court corrected the President on that misstep.) Meanwhile, he's been unable to exert the authority that he really is vested with, as the Chief Exectuive in charge of the relevant agencies, to close the Asian Carp pathway to the Great Lakes in Chicago; the pathway that is owned and operated by those agencies.

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