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November 02, 2010


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Sorry Mr. Lessenberry, but I chose not to vote. I chose not to because...

...the more educated you are about elections, the more you understand how meaningless your vote is.

...the party I'm supposed to support is full of people who have either very extreme and intolerant views, or have just completely lost their mind. Voting for the other party is simply out of the question.

...I have a Master's Degree and can't even get so much as an interview for jobs I'm qualified and over-qualified for.

...even if you have an education, no one's going to offer you a job anyway. And they wonder why so many college educated people have left the state. It's not like there's a shortage of us around here.

...even if the state politicians go along with the experts and fund higher education to appropriate levels, all we'll have are more job-seekers with advanced degrees with nowhere to go. Do you think any of these high paid "experts" would be willing to give me their job if they're wrong? (Doubt it)

...as each year passes by, it seems as though the state just isn't worth investing in anymore.

Sorry if I sound bitter, but as much as I love Michigan, if I could have, I would've left a long time ago.

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