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November 16, 2010


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Jack, thank you for saying something is wrong with the system. I did something dumb some 16 years ago and have been on that list ever since. It was a one time thing. I have a transcript from a hearing in which a duly elected judge here in Michigan declared me successfully treated and returned custody of our child to my late wife and me. Yet I remain on that horrible list right next to the truly dangerous people. It is nearly impossible to find any one who will rent a place to live to me. I am a widow and now it is nearly impossible to find a girl friend. Tell me how this law is not in violation of the 8th amendment guaranteeing protection from cruel and unusual punishment?

As the mother of someone on the registry, I can attest to the nightmare it creates. As a young boy, my son did something inappropriate, yet deemed typically "exploratory" by the evaluators we saw. Every evaluation stated he should not be looked at as a "predator." Even the judge acknowledged the faults with the registry. The stigma pushed my son to attempt suicide three years ago, 10 years after the incident. We're lucky he was found before he died. If the Adam Walsh Act is enacted by our legislature, I fear he will be pushed to the edge again. He and his high school sweetheart of eight years would love to plan a future together, but live in fear of the unknown. Let's hope and pray people in power see the punishment these Draconian laws inflict.

We have reached critical levels of Predator Panic in our country. There are over 4000 people on the Texas registry who were placed there as juveniles, some as young as age 10. There was one high-profile case in Utah where a 12 year old and 13 year old had consensual sex with each other; they were both placed on the registry. The case made it as far as the Utah Supreme Court. One of the justices, noting both kids were seen as both "perpetrator" and "victim" at the same time, stated "The only thing that comes to this case is dueling."

The Abominable Adam Walsh Act will expect states to register juveniles as young as age 14. Even though the AWA has a so-called "Romeo and Juliet" provision, the few states that have passed this law have found the law will still suck teens into a lifetime stigma for consensual relations or the "sexting" trend.

I'd like to point out Texas believes the AWA too harsh. Imagine the state with the worst human rights record stating the AWA is too harsh. This law should be abolished.


Jack, thank you for a much needed analysis of this issue. I wish there were some way for copies of this to be sent to the legislators of every state in the union. The laws in Texas governing teen sex and registry requirements are every bit as onerous as those in Michigan and actually more so as the registration requirement is now lifetime. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

My name is Fima Estrin. I am state contact for RSOL in Minnesota.(
Reform s..x offender laws )


Here is my blog


I came to US from former USSR 13 years ago with Jewish refugee status
on Human rights violation in former USSR.
My parents are Holocaust survivors. In USA I was convicted for porn
possession and placed on s..x offender register. I got in situation
when i can not get a job for 8 years, police is coming to my house to
harass my family. My income
is zero now
This looks like a slow killing under huge stress.
I tried to stop some s..x offender laws in Minnesota congress,
testifying against different attorneys at senate and house hearing. I
stopped some bills.

Here is article written by Irish writer Brian Rothery. He has web site
at www.inquisition21.com
and I was working with him in 2004 and 2005.


Again as US senator Bobby Scott said recently: if you are on s..x
offender registry your life is shot. How anybody could live with no
any opportunity to find job, under police humiliation
and with danger to get in prison for registration violation, when
police do not have resources to maintain this registry of 20,000
people in Minnesota

Here are some comparisons


I would like to bring to your attention problem with s..x offenders
register in USA
Human Rights Watch published this report 'No easy answers' showing
grave violations of human rights and huge s..x hysteria in USA


I would like to get answer from you, and your opinion.

Fima Estrin

I found this article and posted. Because I am Russian Jew all my
relatives were holocaust survivors, so I heard a lot of stories, not
from books. Current situation in USA is very close. We have the same
democracy as was in Germany in 1933, and Hitler was elected by all
procedures of developed democracy. Recent decision of US supreme court
allowing unlimited contribution for any politician get us closer to
what this article describe. I am still in shook after current
election, where almost all Democrats were not reelected and replaced
by people
who as Star Tribune wrote recently do not know where the State Capitol
is, but they know who their boss is. The same thing happened in many
states, and what we can expect next January? A new Holocaust start?


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