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November 18, 2010


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I would like to think you read this stuff Jack, otherwise it’s a waste of time for anyone to comment. So here goes: Like solutions to poor performing schools, the solutions to dieing newspapers are “not complicated, they're hard.” Americans not only have more choices for news, but are now sensitive to news bias. While I (mid 40’s professional) skim through 6 papers a day on the net, I find very little of value. I do not insist on reading “affirmations of my own dogmatic opinions” as the old failing news hacks like to claim, nor am I asking you to believe that leftist democrat bias exists –that debate is long over. From early education through universities, democrats have a lock on young reporters and their later work shows that as they pander to their leftist editors. As a reader, I have no use for that nonsense.

FOX News is the most powerful news outlet in the United States partially because they feature debate style opinion pieces with both sides, unlike your beloved NPR or any other news network. Even with the huge success of FOX News rubbed in their faces nightly, the left refuses to follow suite by adding conservative analysis to their programs. In fact NPR absurdly claims “independence” as they rake in $400 million taxpayer dollars from democrats and $1.8 million from wacko socialist George Soros. Maybe Republicans should be sending $400 million taxpayer dollars to “independent” Rush Limbaugh if he’d agrees to match NPR, create a network, repackage his work as “news” and expand to 24/7?!

While newspapers indeed struggle for many reasons: apathy towards the political process and news in general; the 30% literacy rate in Detroit; and alternate news access, I suggest that Americans have had enough of arrogant, opinionated liberal democrat reporters and their little liberal arts educations telling us what to think. …and we’re voting NO with our wallets.

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