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June 14, 2010


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Another example of the GOP leashed by big biz. Good grief, how do they sleep at night?

"The answer would seem to be partly money."

Poor Jack! Such a mild column.

I guess that the Free Press article really hurts. Imagine what could have been written otherwise. All those facts that get in the way such as "And some of Moroun's most loyal backers, such as state Sen. Alan Cropsey, R-DeWitt, and Rep. George Cushingberry, D-Detroit, haven't received a dime from Moroun and Co., but still they have argued passionately against the DRIC."

I see that he thinks nothing of Canada giving out $550M to get a P3 Bill passed as the Transport Minister confirmed. As Jack knows, that would have allowed MDOT to circumvent the legislature and enter into a P3 with no legislative oversight.

Perhaps "principle" is the other part of the answer. That is "what’s going on under the Capitol dome."

Perhaps those silly Legislators do not want DRIC "availability payments" under a defective P3 Bill to bankrupt the State.

Jack is still having trouble understanding that being against a boondoggle and poor legislation is not necessarily being pro-Moroun.

Maybe one day he will get it.

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