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April 07, 2010


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Interesting article can't wait for the classic straw man response that usually comes in the next few hours. My guess is some kind of pro McCarthy information (and there is some of this to go along with all the bad). It could also be some sort of dirt about Stupak. I could also see some kind of tea party spin, who knows.

This is funny. If you Google the phrase, "George W. Bush was a fascist killer of Muslim children," you will come up with not only Jack Lessenberry's comment on the webpage of Michigan Radio (operated by the Regents of the University of Michigan - isn't that special?), but you will also get this link, at a left-wing site called "crooksandliars" which features nationally-broadcast video of left-wing hatemonger Keith Olbermann saying, well, that George W. Bush was something like a facsist killer of Muslim children. It is surprising to me that Keith Olbermann hasn't been offered his own NPR radio program with comments like that.


(Don't miss the Comments that follow the video.)

Of course, there was also the 2006 feature motion picture, "Death of a President" which fantasized about the assassination of President Bush. Can you imagine the outcry of Jack Lessenberry if such a movie were made about an assassinated Barack Obama? Anybody remember Jack being outraged over the Bush-assassination movie?


But back to Michigan. And Bart Stupak. And abortion. Where to begin in demolishing Jack Lessenberry's hysterical screed?

Let's just jump right in.

First of all, Bart Stupak's first challenge in the fall of 2010 has come not from the pro-life right. No, it came from the pro-choice left. In the person of Connie Saltonstall. Supported by money from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America:


No mention of that fact from Jack Lessenberry.

And then, of course, if somebody like Jack Lessenberry were really concerned with out-of-state special-interest money on the single-issue abortion vote, he might start with our own Senator Debbie Stabenow. Who, every six years, gets bankrolled by the pro-abortion group "Emily's List":


Every month, Jack Lessenberry writes a handful of wonderful, historically informative columns about untold stories in Michigan. The rest of the time, it is a steady diet of the sort of slanted, low-brow standardized left-wing talking points that one would expect to see from a Metro Times columnist.

And that is a disgrace for a public broadcasting outlet; to have that kind of slant serve as the only representation of "political analysis." It would be my fervent hope that no one would supply this kind of public radio with their financial support. This is a contemptuous attitude on the part of an apparently insular editorial staff at Michigan Radio.

In a world where there is more newstalk than ever before, and where cable tv, the internet and yes even commercial radio support all manner of political discussion, Michigan Radio has gone in the direction of choking the airwaves with ever-more of the stuff. To the extent that Michigan Radio ever felt the need to supply classical music, arts and jazz programming (as it once did -- if one were to look at a programming schedule from 20 years ago), Michigan Radio has now abandoned that responsibility. It is now, and has for some time, been "Radio by liberals, for liberals, and others need not apply. Or listen."

Beyond your typical admonition Jack about not responding to anonymous posts-perhaps you should respond to Mr. Anon's latest. Seems to have ya cornered doesn't he?

he does not deny the truth of what I said, because he cannot. He does not use his name, because I am reliably told that he is paid (guess who by)to make those comments. So when confronted with the ugly reality, he responds "Michigan Radio is liberal." John Stuart Mill said once that to be liberal was to be fact-and-reality based. I plead guilty.

WHAT?!? If you Google that you are correct, it confirms all the things in Jack's post. Just posting that you find articles with "George W. Bush was a fascist killer of Muslim children" does not prove anything except that you can type in a Google search. Now that you have set up a straw man, and I do have to admit it is a very very lame one at that, now proceed.

How does his first challenger have anything to do with the article again????? man even after I set you up you still walk right into it.
The article even has this in it' "and the Hyde Amendment already bars federal funding from being used for abortion anyway."

All Jack says is that the anti abortion group is telling a lie, yet you spin it to bash Stabenow as predicted.

And as I predicted, you go into a mass bash of Jack.

Can you come up with a new plan? it is so old and predictable to just set up straw mans and irrelevant points to bash Jack.

Jack Lessenberry is wrong. I am not paid for my comments. I am not paid in relation to my comments. I am not paid in any way or with any respect to this webpage, or any website, or any candidate, or any political party or political organization of any kind.

And so, when Jack Lessenberry tells you that he is "reliably informed," he is "not reliably informed." And when Jack Lessenberry asks you to believe that not only have I been paid for my comments (it is untrue), but also that he, and you, can "guess by who" I am paid, he is even further into the realm of error and false reporting.

Remember that about Mr. Lessenberry.

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