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April 22, 2010


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Ack! Break out your globes people! Or, play Trivial Pursuit on Wii and you'll also learn much about geography..:)

Actually, they don't care. They care only about what can make them money (PowerPoint presentations) or what titillates them (Lady Gaga). I used to blame it on what I called the "autoworker mentality", which was to excuse and even justify lack of education by pointing to income. But I was wrong about that, too, as I see now that many lack any curiosity beyond what makes them rich or powerful, e.g., G. W. Bush, Mike Cox, Frank Beckmann, Jennifer Granholm, Kwame Kilpatrick, etc., etc. BTW, did you succeed in getting any of your students to become more interested, or did you just chide them for their ignorance?

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