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April 06, 2010


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After all this discussion of who pays what taxes, what exemptions exist, etc, don't you think it's time to strip out all the confusing rules, hurdles, loopholes, etc?

It's time for a flat tax! Everyone pays the same rate, and no more cycles spent on coming up with new crazy ways to tax certain groups within the population.

If the state can't work within the bounds of this revenue, then it needs to learn how to do without, much like how I have to learn to do without when my income is adversely affected.

In pursuit of public policy equity-I wonder if the learned professor would care to explore the costs(that is the tax cost) of his cradle to grave post-retirement health benefits or those extremely generous retirement benefits. These issues are far too sensitive and yet strike at the core of the public employee welfare state. Reformation is coming because the private sector taxpayers will insist on alignment with private sector metrics. Watch the teachers scream as 30 and out, annual COLA adjustments and expensive actuarial subsidies are eliminated. The screams will be music to the taxpayers. Care to opine Professor? How about you Jack?

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