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March 22, 2010


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Our thanks Pat! I hope Granholm a least invites you to dinner! Pat Clawson deserves - at a minimum - a "mini-Pulitzer" for this one! And he didn't even have to spend thousands of dollars to do what he did - what do you OTHER guys get paid to do, anyway??? Sadly and ironically, if had busted up a federal scam, he would have been entitled to claim a reward of up to 30% of the amount of the fraud (tell Pat THAT would have been some REAL money!). But, I guess, even that would only have applied if the tax credit had actually been paid out (maybe he should have waited a bit to blow his whistle? It would have been hilarious if he caught the fraud a few months from now, just before elections). Anyway, now I really understand why Michigan is in the 'crapper' and may have to stay there for quite some time - it's called, just plain, incompetence and Granholm, not to mention the MEDC, are poster childs of this mental disability! As to the MEDC's role in all of this, how come AT LEAST half of its staff (from top to bottom), haven't already been fired!? And how come you and others haven't asked this simple question? Seems kind of a no-brainer thing to ask at a time when there would be at least 1000 COMPETENT people that could easily fill these jobs (I mean, one requirement would just to know how to use Google and another would just be to be able to remember what your Mom and Dad taught you about strangers - like when you where 5!). I have a lot more to say about this scandal, but not right now.

But, now that you have brought up the importance of "guerrilla journalism", how about also devoting a little time to the subject of stealthy "checkbook journalism", as in that practiced so cleverly by ABC News? Or, how about talking even more about just plain, good-ole fashion "gumshoe journalism"? While you're at it, maybe you can explain to me and others, why the vast majority of journalists out there haven't said ANYTHING (or had the guts to say anything) about the ABC News scandal? The only way I found out about this, was on NPR - a pleasant surprise for a change! Do you guys all just cover for each other, or something? ABC News should be loudly and repeatedly discredited by all "reputable" and "credible" news organizations, or certainly they will further tarnish and diminish ALL news organizations (if that's even possible)!

P.S. Jack, tell Pat to next do a little digging into where the $130M+ spent on the 21st Century "Jobs" Fund went. He might hit pay dirt there as well. I have lots of questions about that one, but I don't think I need to suggest to either you or Pat what some of these might be. But, one question most people would never think to ask about that "other" - genius idea - of the Governor's and the MEDC is why they decided to require a $500 "application fee" in 2008? I've NEVER heard of a grants program requiring money to be paid up front for consideration! By the way, I think more than one or two companies that received this money went belly-up real quick.

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