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January 25, 2010


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All that we know of "The Advancement Project" from Jack Lessenberry's reporting is that it is a "Washington-based group."


What kind of "Washington-based group"?

In truth, The Advancement Project is a "Washington and Los Angeles-based group." With a Board of Directors including such celebrity left-wingers as Harry Belafonte and Connie Rice. It is also closely linked to the SEIU (Service Emplyees' International Union) and the AFL-CIO, with whom some of its Directors are also officers.

I don't know about where and how the Advancement Project gets its funding. In five minutes of looking on the internet, I see that it is an organization strongly linked with ACORN and a host of other liberal activist organizations, participating in joint congresses with those groups.

None of this, alone, automatically negates The Advancement Project's research. A report from the group is not neccesarily unsound or invalid, based on who and what they are,politically.

But since most of us don't have time to check the data and to re-do the regression analyses involved in these kinds of studies, we have to rely on the rporting to give us at least a bit of the basic background; to know where it is that folks are coming from.

So, we expect our news reporters, the good ones, to simply identify sources and organizations in as much reasonable detail as possible, to be able to judge the material.

Uh, right?

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