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January 28, 2010


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Disagree with Jack Lessenberry if you will (I often do), but I find it routinely difficult to find fault with his sense of history and political science.

Voting is important, when government is becomeing increasingly bureaucratized and when more and more of what we do, from smoking in a bar to texting in a car to getting a student loan or getting a job, is all increasingly under some form of legal scrutiny.

Voting is important, not just for attorney general, and secretary of state, but also for the state supreme court justices, as Jack Lessenberry quite wisely writes.

This is a principle of good governance that is going to come under attack, however, in Michigan. The Brennan Center (funding from George Soros) and "Justice at Stake" will soon be mounting a campaign in Michigan to take away ctizens' right to vote judges into office. (They will lobby for some kind of system in which the lawyers' union controls selections for state judgeships. We'll see more about it next month.)

Then, we'll see, whether Jack Lessenberry is really a fan of citizen voting.

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