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January 04, 2010


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Jack, I thoroughly enjoy reading your material in the Metro Times and hearing you on Michigan Radio. However, something needs to be said about your comment that "In the end, nothing much happened, apart from a few tiny glitches." (re Y2K) The reason that nothing much happened is because the computer industry spent something like $40 Billion (with a 'B') to correct all the programs that were indeed affected by the 2-digit year problem. Without that huge year-long effort, there would in fact have been a number of major problems.

Mr. Marlinga needs to forget about wasting time in the State Senate.

Cox can lose statewide because he is not from Grand Rapids.

To win a Republican must turnout money and support from Grand Rapids, like John Engler.

Cox ---- like Granholm --- is a McNamara Machine tool from Livonia.

Any Democrat from Wayne County or Detroit (Archer) will lose statewide because they are all tainted by the stink of the McNamara Machine.

Ficano is corrupt and actually worse than McNamara, because he is totally incompetent.

The Democrats only way to win statewide is with a Macomb County Democrat, such as Sheriff Mark Hackel or Carl Marlinga.

Both Marlinga and Bonoir are UAW loyalists. The UAW hates Dillon

Just like Fieger, Marlinga's past troubles could endear him to voters in the state's urban areas such as Detroit and Flint.

Marlinga the outsider with insider experience, vs. Cox the self-serving windbag.

Marlinga vs. Cox would equal a narrow victory for the Democrats

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