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January 18, 2010


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Wow, this sounds like such a cutthroat power play.

Sort of like carving all unions out of a Cadillac health insurance tax, just to get their political support on a bill in conference.

As for the bridge, I agree that it is a critical resource for the region and the nation, and that it must be protected from all possible terrorist threats. I might have more faith in our federal government's ability to protect a new bridge if, for instance, the TSA could ensure safety in the airline industry. But it hasn't been a good month for airline security. And I'd have a bit more faith in the Obama Administration's handling of the TSA if they advocated a hard-nosed no-nonsense paramilitary unit to provide thsoe services. Instead of insisting on a collective bargaining agreement for TSA workers.

I agree that it is a critical resource for the region and the nation, and that it must be protected from all possible terrorist threats.

Oh Jack, you keep spewing this stuff. As if anyone could believe it once they know the facts.

You know as well as I what terrorists do these days: multi-target. Is a bridge a mile away safer? Hardly.

You also neglected to mention Moroun's "back-up" bridge concept that he disclosed at the MDOT hearings that eliminated bridges across the country as targets. Why?

Why not advocate for reverse customs, Jack, that inspects vehicles BEFORE they cross over. Moroun has advocated for that for years as you know.

You also should know that the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel is the area crossing that has been identified as a "unique security risk" but no one knows how safe it is since Congressman Dingell forgot to ask for its inspection reports to make them public.

As for the Blue Water Bridge and being a viable alternative, they say that their biggest competiton is the Ambassador Bridge!

You know better re eminent domain in Michigan, Jack. You read the papers. And would you fund a competitor to put you out of business? Get real.

Here is the real absurdity of DRIC. They want to put the best border operator between Canada and the US out of business and then give the crossing over to another PRIVATE operator under a long-term lease.

Thus, in effect, Government loses control during the lease-term which will be long-term. Then when the lease is over, Government can pay to fix up the bridge. It happened before in the region as again you must know.

Moreover, expect the new bridge to require a subsidy through "availability payments" that are now being mentioned. Traffic is down so much--1999 levels--- they probably cannot even pay the financing costs.

And who will pay that: Michigan taxpayers who do not provide MDOT with enough funds now to fix existing roads and bridges.

Come on Jack, use your intelligence to get the parties talking to do a deal instead of spreading your silliness any further.

At the least, get the facts right.

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