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December 15, 2009


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It really is simple. If the bottled-water tax is a serious idea, deserving of consideration on its merits, the GOVERNOR, not the Lt. Governor, ought to be leading the charge. They can both take credit, they can both go on the speaking tours, etc. But for Cherry and Granholm to be trading statements in the press tells us that nobody is serious about it except as campaign rhetoric.

And yes, if Cherry is serious about wanting to distinguish himself from the legacy of Jennifer Granholm, let's hear from him on what he agrees with and what he has disagreed with, over the last several years.

What other taxes, besides a bottled water tax, would a Governor Cherry ask for? What current taxes would he increase? Are there any taxes he would reduce? What sorts of budget savings will Cherry demand from state and local government? Will he stand up to the public sector employee unions? Will Cherry support Andy Dillon's plan to streamline public employee healthcare administration, despite the fact that union leaders don't like it? Where does Cherry stand?

So yeah, you can say whatever you want to, for or against John Cherry; just please don't say that this particular episode is anything other than politics as usual.

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