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December 17, 2009


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This idea might just help re-build a sense of community as it physically helps to re-build broken cities like Detroit or Flint. Capitalism has failed these cities and left them for dead, a little touch of socialism might be the thing to bring them back to life.

Dear Mr. Lessenberry,
I really enjoyed your comments today on the prospect and role of "*gasp!" socialism driven projects, and I wanted to follow up by mentioning that this is actually not a new idea in the US. As people drive around the beautiful state of Michigan, one might note the stands of Pine, all neatly lined row after row, and particularly prominent in Northern Michigan. This planted timber is a result of the Civilian Conservation Corps, created under the Roosevelt administration, to provide work for unemployed men following the Great Depression. With a focus on conservation and development of natural resources, more importantly, the CCC was also responsible for the salvation and expansion of the National Park system so many of us enjoy today as a reprieve and escape from the struggling economic times. Sadly, funding for this effective program was terminated in 1942, but its impact still lingers in Michigan, and throughout the US. Perhaps this is just what our state needs. On a side note, I found it rather amusing that for the oddest reason as you were about to mention on air "the United States Armed Forces are the world’s largest and most successful socialist enterprise," my car radio went silent for a moment. A random coincidence, but amusingly ironic to say the least...

Here's what I don't understand; if there are so many Detroiters who want to work and who are willing to work as did the CCC, then why do I see so many Spanish-speaking immigrants working on suburban grounds crews and at construction sites?

I suspect that quite unlike the WPA and the CCC, many domestic workers want their government job to be one that pays $36.40 an hour, with union health, disability and SUB benefits, etc.

There is a reason, somehow, why it is that there are substantial numbers of immigrant workers who are finding a way to make a living in the Detroit area. There is apparently some work here that they have found, and they have priced their labor more competitively.

I am guessing you are not part of the bidding process. A company bids on the jobs and this company hires its workers. I am guessing there are no construction companies in inner city Detroit. These companies come form other cities, Grand Rapids and the such. They don’t just come in a hire the locals. Most of these people do not have the transportation to get to these far away companies. It sounds good to just blame it on lazy people and bash unions, nice try. and next time leave a name

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