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October 30, 2009


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For those interested in Joe Dumars, there is a fascinating story about him, in the July 1, 1985 New Yorker. It was a story in the Talk of the Town section of the magazine, in which a reporter had gone to cover the general social scene at the NBA draft held annually in Manhattan. And while the basketball press' attention had been focused on the top picks (Patrick Ewing, and Benoit Benjamin), the New Yorker focused on the little-known hot-shooting guard from McNeese State, Joe Dumars, and his family.

I'd love to post the digital version (available to subscribers) here but it is copyrighted. I actually remember reading the story, 24 years ago, in the print edition before anybody had a home computer. Jack might want to look it up, which is easy to do at the New Yorker's online archives.

The story is one of the most amazingly prescient things one could ever imagine -- the story is of the internal strength of the Dumars family, and their foundation of personal character. How true it all turned out to be. And remarkably, it was all written before Joe Dumars ever signed an NBA contract, or played a single game for the Pistons.

I'm very sorry that I couldn't have alerted Jack to this tiny but amazing part of the Joe Dumars story before this recent interview.

It never fells the tired saga of good negro vs bad negro...When will it ever end .....

What can you do to encourage the youth to rise up against this assaut against their home?

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