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October 22, 2009


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I hate this type of loser driven journalism on the backs of children...Extortion driven journalism never works and it only reveals the hollow depth of those invoking such cheap parlor tricks..

Truth is our educational system in Michigan and the nation has failed to many for to long..More funding has not improved the outcomes or educational quality even in rich school districts where grade and GPA inflation is the norm..Recently MSU issued a report that the majority of freshman students need and take remedial math etc( bulk of these students BTW are white kids)

I have counsel taxpayers in the city to reject the King Bobb DPS Bonding issue and I encourage more not less funding with regard to the state's educational funds for districts..

Our state does not need to toss more money at schools we need to toss more integrity, competence, and the focus on the core subjects we need less labs, pc's, sports fields and more basic focus on the core tools of educating our students none of which have anything to do with $$$$$$$

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