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September 08, 2009


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I think this is a good blog.

I would like to praise Jack for bringing this to my attention. I have always valued his essays and this one was a big one for me. I live in the Thornapple Kellogg district and my son has been a student in the distict for 4 years. He's a senior this year.
At last year's opening varsity football game (my son is member of that team) some young people in pick-up trucks that were parked in the STUDENT PARKING LOT unfurled a huge rebel flag. It was a sickening and embarrassing sight. During the months that followed my son was harassed by a few fellow students for wearing Jimi Hendrix tee shirts. The comments made to him were filled with N-bombs and it prompted me to address my concerns with the superintendent and high school principle. (And sadly, I noticed a number of rebel flag license plates in the student parking lot.) I did get an immediate reply from the school's principle and I am convinced that he in no way approves of the behavior. But he told me his hands were tied. The school has no legal right to ban the rebel flags. And I honestly feel that the vast majority of people in the community are good folks.....not hate mongers. My experiences with the staff at parent teacher conferences have been overwhelmingly positive. But it really makes me furious that the rebel flags are tolerated.
I intended to unfurl my own huge anti-hate banner (Something like "Thornapple Kellogg is not about hate!") right next to the pick-up trucks this Friday against Ottawa Hills high school.....should the rebel flags fly again. However, now I'm not so sure that I can speak on behalf of the district.
I do intend to video tape the game. If the flags come out I'll capture it and post it on YouTube and submit it to any interested local TV stations.

Thank you Jack Lessenberry for shinning some much needed light on this darkness!!

Very truly yours,

Robin Herr

I am stunned by the backward reaction of school officials who surrendered to the cries of ignorance of many parents by not broadcasting our president's educational speech. It is shameful that educated people allowed themselves to be bullied by the intellectual cowardice of some parents who now view our president as an enemy of the state.

Soon there will be charges of treason and sedition targeted at the white house one wonders if our educated elites will lend themselves to those noises and unworthy chants of the ignorant. Time will tell...

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