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August 19, 2009


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Or maybe guts of another stripe, someone who will state the honest fact that the citizens and businesses of Michigan are not under taxed! In almost any measure in any way you can find we (MI) stand in the middle to upper mid range in terms of various taxes collected verses levels in other states. We’re not Connecticut nor are we South Dakota. In total truthfulness, our state state’s new advertising campaign slogan could be, “Bring your business to Michigan; we’re not any worse than most other places!” No one has made any creditable claim to the contrary.

On the other hand Michigan is an absolute standout when we consider spending levels on various social programs and the big one, public employee compensation levels/costs. We are up at the top! (Once again check out Citizen’s Research Council Memorandum Dec 2007),(not some union schell like Ballard). Guts would be to get these costs into parity whether this is done voluntarily (ha ha) or as far as appointing a financial control board and forcing it. You’re right; our politicians are for the most part lacking any guts! In this state the line to replace any employee who doesn’t like parity would be miles long! And likewise if you can find a more generous social package elsewhere, move. We can provide a bus ticket. Guts is doing what it takes to get our expenditures into line with our tax revunues no matter what it takes. Raising taxes is nothing more than the same gutlessness that took down the US auto industry!

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