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July 08, 2009


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Another great piece, Jack. Wish people cared about things like this as much as the latest celebrity death. I watched Jackson's memorial like most others, but know they're are more important problems. Glad to know we have NPR and Jack Lessenberry to keep us informed!

Hi Jack; Thanks for your piece on the St Lawrence Seaway. I did not get to hear it, but read it with interest. It is all too sad that invasive species control has become such a challenge to remedy, at least politically. Ironically it took decades for governments to back the Seaway plans, and at one point the Canadian government was ready to steam ahead without US involvement.
There are a few elements missing from your piece, one being that the ocean-going container system is now 52 years old...had the two systems been better connected at the time, who knows what might have happened. Offsetting the ecological concern is that a couple of hydro electric plants were a big part of the project (Beauharnois, Cornwall). I think your cargo figures are off by a lot, as 2008 cargo reports show 40+ million tons were shipped. I was fortunate to have a brief discussion with the current president of the SLSMC (formerly St. Lawrence Seaway Authority of Canada) and was told they are trying to get funding/legislation to build ships that can handle the ocean going containers and still navigate the Seaway-both a funding issue and a legal challenge as Canada is no longer a ship building nation and has legislation that is blocking these ships being built offshore.
I enjoy your political commentaries. Keep them coming.

Sincerely, David
[Grandson of the 3rd President of the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority of Canada (at the time the Seaway opened, June 1959)]

Thank you very much, Mr. Waymann. Everyone seems to have different cargo figures and it is confusing, to be sure.



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