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July 20, 2009


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I'm a teacher and I'll be interested to see the details and where they're getting their numbers from. I would not mind the program if it didn't guarantee crappier coverage. And as of now, the State office that will have this gigantic new program dropped in its lap has a grand total of 3 people who work on insurance issues, out of 15 people total. I hope the State pays these folks plenty of overtime to get the bids out... assuming that there will be bidding.

I'm the wife of a teacher and am very thankful that our health insurance is as good as it is (sad that it's more the exception than the rule, though). But even I think that the MEA's response is disheartening, like they haven't been reading the headlines or something. I've heard MESSA claim that they run a pretty efficient operation, but the days of "protecting turf" are gone.

Jennifer Granholm says the timing is bad. I would like the Governor to explain when it would be a good time to discuss long-term solutions to our state's structural deficit.


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