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June 17, 2009


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What about the annual Mackinaw "junket" and love fest? What gets accomplished there? I also liked the idea behind the alternative "peoples summit" which received a lot less publicity - it's about time! The solution to the jobs problem is going to come from the ground up, not the top down (if we can find one at all). None of the "talking heads" at the economic "club" have anything really new or credible to offer. I agree with Jack on this one, what an incredible F...ing waste of time!

I continue to have many reservations about Jack's scholarship and journalistic chops when he engages in these one sided selective commentaries..

Where was Jack's angst toward the worthless summit in Mackinaw????

Michigan's plight at the end of the day is an national issue not just a regional issue on one hand Jack's indicts the summit as being to local than he indicts the summit for not being about Michigan!!!

Make up your mind...

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