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June 12, 2009


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First of all, whoever said that TV was an absolute necessity for a happy and productive life? I think there are quite a few people in Ann Arbor (at least) who haven't had TV for years. Many people decided to pull the plug on TV and toss them out (I have been tempted many times while watching what passes for commercial journalism). But even assuming that most people "can't live without it", lets put things in perspective. The TV switch has been years in coming and I think has been carried out very well (there have been several postponements). The advantages of the switch certainly outweigh any temporary problems and inconveniences. Compared to the inconvenience of not having ANY health care or jobs, for instance, I think any hookup problems some people may still have (the ones who didn't get the message over the last year), is a relatively minor "inconvenience", don't you think? Don't worry, there won't be any seniors left out in the cold. It might take them a few more days to get hooked up, but I don't think it will take weeks. I'm just happy that we will still have "free" (advertiser paid) TV, because originally there was a lot of talk of getting rid of over-the-air TV broadcasting all together. Compared to all the other problems we are facing today, Jack, I think you are exaggerating this "crisis" a little bit. Besides, what's wrong with getting your information from radio?

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