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June 18, 2009


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I'm disappointed and a little shocked that you failed to mention how discriminatory real estate policies in post WWII Michigan created a terrain of racially segregated neighborhoods. Specifically- how those policies in conjunction with white flight to the suburbs have contributed massively to the problems that Detroit is facing today. This piece leaves out the most important historic details which explain Southeast Michigan's problems today. Blaming individual politicians is a cop out, diverting attention from the larger and more important structural factors which are the true foundation for corruption.

As usual more of Jack's revisonist historical views based upon his standing as a jaded white liberal..

Please when does it ever stop pouring.....

Enough already..Makes you wanna holla

No word yet, I take it, on the number of prayers being offered up for Monica Conyers.

Personally, I'm praying that her forthcoming plea bargain involves her husband John.

Liz Young's comment demonstrates the problem with the folks who inhabit Detroit these days and since the 60s. She "cops out" by blaming the current problems in Detroit (and there are so many it's mind blowing) on whites (boiled down that's the inference one draws from her comments). Whites have not been materially involved in Detroit policy-making for 40 YEARS. They left Detroit because they understood that they were not wanted by the burgeoning black majority. Any "structural factors" which kept your city from thriving from back then could have been fixed by the people in charge. Until the majority of people in Detroit forget the past and work to make the best of their future they will always wallow in failure. Sad, but true.

I found Liz Young's comments very cogent and accurate. Clearly the decay in the city has roots and a tortured legacy.. Yet I do share in part some of Pew's observations about moving on and taking control of the present..

Perhaps Liz should mention the post 1967 crime statistics-particularly violent crime. In the late 60's and 70's arbitrary capricious violent crime was the rule of the day in the City of Detroit. The exodus out of Detroit was fueled by a fear for physical safety, dimunition of property values and the destruction the public school system. It's clear she's never been victimized by the "gun but don't snitch" culture that has been a hallmark in Detroit since 1970.

There are so many better places to live and raise a family. Legions of responsible black families have made the same decision and left Detroit and somehow they are immune from the implied charge that leaving Detroit is inherently racist. Detroit is New Orleans north-corrupt, culturally bankrupt and permanently hobbled by "I am a victim" mentality. There is a hardcore populace that hates white folks-a visceral hate that is patently obvious and dangerous. Liz is clueless.

The hardcore populace which has contempt and disregard for citizens of Detroit are the legions of whites which fled the city after they used and abused all of its assets..

The older suburbs still reflect a ugly under current of the angry Jim crow era whites who occupied the city before the post civil rights era of the 60's..

The current city residents are daily treated like garbage and subject to constant margainalization and disconnect from the same whites who lived in the ity but left in white flight..

Detroit and our entire region is stained by the residue of white racism and the backward cultural values such racism breeds..

Truth is the Detroit deserves better than the 3rd rate garden variety values of whites in this region. We are still dealing with the decay of white racism decades after its vile sting

"Used and abused all of the assets"-please detail. I need examples.

A 45 minute drive on 6 Mile Road from Telegraph east to the Grosse Pointes will give you a first hand account of the destruction of the city. There are no banks, grocery stores, doctor's office or evidence of stable commerce. Party stores galore, hair and nail salons and boarded up once thriving small businesses. Any commerce is conducted behind bulletproof glass. This and many more manifestations of a violent, lawless culture permeate Detroit-a Detroit that is now over 90% black. And yet the black community will stretch logic to somehow blame the white man. Count the number of boarded up businesses as you take your tour. I think it is in excess of 200 structures that used to be businesses that served the surrounding neighborhoods(those too have been eviscerated).

There is now a Louis Farrakhan/Early Al Sharpton hatred of white folks in the city. A Jim Crow redux with all the familiar bantering about how the black community has been victimized. It alone is responsible for the mess in which it finds itself. Just look at the conduct. Look at how badly the community's institions have been managed. Oh yes-in the dead of night scores of white folks invaded the city to wreak havoc on its "assets" only to leave before dawn. Monicaism permeates the community's thinking-get over on the man, don't snitch and blame everything on the white man. Tiresome, profoundly ignorant and racist. Obama is embarassed.

Keep Stretchin Trasher-your logic and prose are quite amusing and they serve as a shining example(no pun intended) of the "black community's theme in Detroit". Funny though-you live in Birmingham(?)-I wonder why? Was it the schools for kids or that you could keep the pistol in your closet-rather than under your pillow in Detroit? Or have you ever lived there? Or are you just masquereding as having "experienced the hood". Where did you live in Detroit-where exactly? What grade school, high school? I need to know whether you have any real direct experience in the City or are you just a phony relying on your pigment to make such bald racist assessments. What is your pedigree(beyond a substandard post secondary education)? Funny how I haven't heard or read anything about our President holding similar sentiments.


Thanks for comparing me with President Obama..Where do you live? What is your relationship with Detroit? What schools did your kids attend in Detroit? What is your pedigree?

Why are you relying on your pigment to always attack Detroit?

Intellectual cowards like you who hide behind alias and pc's add nothing of value to anything.

I post here knowing bigots like you will attack. The fact is 95% of your posts on this site are about me or a reaction to my posts..Your obession with my logic, truth and balance analysis of issues is tragic you are so angry with me you cannot even spell my name correctly..

Recently I rec'd at my home a series of hate letters from a racist coward who writes and spells my name like you. Your envy of my zip code and my personal family sucess again reveals not only a petty human being but an angry one as well.

Please step away from the pc, go seek some help, Please do not take you rage and anger to another level..

My comments about the racism of whites who fled the city and currently still have contempt for Black people is the truth deal with it!!

I tend to agree with some others here, Thrasher. In many ways, you are just a, die-hard, reverse-racist. If it's not Whites (who deserve blame for past wrongdoing), it's probably Asians or Latinos or Jews (who fought the hardest for civil rights in the 50's & 60's).

Most violence and corruption in Detroit is now Black on Black. How can this be explained or blamed on what happened 50-100 years ago? If that's the case, then why don't Jews go around killing people (especially Germans/Austrians) or blaming any problems they might still have on the Americans who didn't help them early on? Should Bernie Madoff now blame his being a crook on his childhood upbringing or some anti-Semites he may have encountered in his past? While prejudice and bigotry still exist (and affects Latinos, Asians and Muslims too), it CAN'T be used as a blanket excuse, FOR EVERYTHING and FOREVER. There is basically NO legitimate excuse for not wanting to change behavior or adapt to changing environments (and I think Pres. Obama is trying to make this point too). Jews had to constantly move and adapt to changing and VERY "unfriendly" (to say the least) environments, which included dealing with almost universal prejudice and hatred (ironically, with the exception of some early Arab nations). How did they cope? By acquiring more and more education, social deftness, AND THEN WEALTH, that's how (and sometimes even the education had to be acquired secretly). They never threw up their hands and said "this is hopeless - we're doomed and cursed forever". By refusing to accept the defeat being forced on them, by refusing to give in to fatalism, or victim-hood, and by moving up the socioeconomic ladder one difficult (and at times calculated) step at a time, that is how they got their measure of "payback" and revenge for those societies that discriminated against them in the past. Did violence and corruption (particularly against themselves) play a big role in this? No.

I think people have to actually COMMIT to non-violence (like MLK) and have to REJECT corruption and excuses, if things are ever going to change in places like Detroit. Just blaming the white guys that aren't even around anymore won't work. We'll have to see if Mr. Bing or someone else will be up to this challenge. And as far as things like, "red-lining", and other forms of continuing discrimination goes, why don't Detroiters establish their own non-profit insurance and real estate companies, so this can't happen?

While violence, in the name of self-defense, might be justified where people are being physically and violently oppressed (as in Iran), it is just self-defeating and self-destructive otherwise. And, corruption will always lead to the defeat of any social justice movement or system of government. Remember, corruption is what defeated Communism, not the "concept" of Communism itself, which was suppose to "equalize" everyone (that's partly why Cuba may still be around - it was a little less corrupt).


Lots of words very little objective logic or reasoning...I have never posted that Blacks are not liable nor responsible for thier own shortcomings..I have never posted that denial in the Black community is constructive..

I have posted and I offer no apology for Black people rejecting white racism and defeating it..Black people should not remain silent about the on going legacy of white racism and its lethal impact in this region

In our nation the majority of jewish people are white they have zero experience in being Black nor do many people know they are Black ..I do not have that luxury I could be a Black jew all people see in this region is pigment not religion...

BTW there is no such thing as reverse racism or reverse bigot..Please George you can do better with your logic..Black people in our country do not have to go back 300 years and bring up slavery hell katrina was just a few years ago..Black criminal justice errors exist today not 300 years ago so does redlining, profiling, predatory lending etc..

No I will not now nor ever retreat or concede to white racism..You need better logic George than the waste of words you just posted..

Much better..BTW what does tired concepts like Communism have to do with the racial issues in this region???

Facts not blame is what drives my logic...


What historical data are you using to butress your logic?? Jewish people played a conributory role in our country's civil rights era in truth very inflated and overated..they did not have the body count nor suffered the daily insults which comes with racism based upon one's hue..

In Detroit many jewish people were slum landlords and 2nd rate educators in our public school systems..

The notion that Black should mimic them is purse BS ...Why would we want to parrot a white religious minority who relations with us often included the same racist exchange we confronted with the usual garden variety WASPS?

Why must Black people be compelled and forced to buy segregated companies, business enterprises etc... We are americans like all others !! We have same rights under US Const as all others..

The truth is Black folks in the city still get trashed becuase of the insanity of a few..DO whites get trashed for the corrupt CEO's who have made our state a 3rd world venue? Do whites get trashed for the incompetence of our governor and legislators ( very corrupt aggregate) ...yet because of a few slugs in the Black community Black folks still get sterotyped and the brush paints everyone...

There is white on white crime in Gaylord, MI, Holland, MI, Clare , MI the notion of Black on Black crime can also apply to white cities where whites are the majority..yet this scapegoat hook and racist verbaige is never used to discuss white on white crimes..

No I have no intentions of stop being truthful about our nation and this region with regard to race, class and truth..


I enjoy a good debate as much as you:

"What historical data are you using to butress your logic?? Jewish people played a conributory role in our country's civil rights era in truth very inflated and overated..they did not have the body count nor suffered the daily insults which comes with racism based upon one's hue.."

6 Million Jews being systematically exterminated in the 1940's doesn't count as enough of a "body count" for you!? Whole communities and families being wiped out, doesn't count as enough suffering for you. They didn't suffer enough "daily insults" in Germany where they had to wear armbands? How about as Egyptian slaves? How about in the rest of Europe (especially Poland and France)? How about not being allowed in many establishments in the U.S. throughout the 30's, 40's and 50's? NO, I guess your suffering, Thrasher, trumps all this. I guess nothing can compare to your "daily suffering". Did someone brand a number on your arm too Thrasher?

What I am saying is, if all you do is dwell on your suffering - that's all there will ever be, because suffering can be self-inflicted too. Violence and corruption is a two way street. ANY community can refuse to accept violence and corruption. ANY community can choose to reject violence and corruption if they have the will to do so. There are NO excuses for maintaining the status quo or failing to adapt to changing situations or confronting adversity with some creativity and CONSTRUCTIVE DETERMINATION. There is no shame in simply IGNORING pin-head racists, they will perish in good time from their own ignorance. I don't think that anger and self-defeating actions will in anyway speed up that process (and being angry at just about EVERYONE, is pretty damn self-defeating, don't you think?)

"DO whites get trashed for the corrupt CEO's who have made our state a 3rd world venue? Do whites get trashed for the incompetence of our governor and legislators"

There are a LOT more, dirt-poor, Whites in this country than Blacks and MANY white collars workers are seeing their houses and cars repossessed. NO ONE has been immune from the consequences of what you said. At least as far as suffering from our economic downturn goes, its been pretty fairly spread out among all ethnic groups (just ask all the Mexicans heading home).


My comments were in regard to America not Eupore or Africa if you sek to go there I could document the Atlantic Slave Trade was lethal for Black folks in excess of 10-12 million body count depending on whose references and of course unlike the holocaust in Germany to in our nation Black folks are still recovering from our domestic holocaust here on this soil not in Germany..

The residuals of the domestic hololcaust for Black Americans in unlimited from the inhumane crimes of castrationm rape, loss of income, loss of potential genius in loss lives etc..

So please do not dare to go body count examples with me in our nation here in America!!

My brand on my body is the hue of my skin unlike many whites from europe( including jews and others) even white africans , arabs and asians thier hue is not a problem often for these groups in our racist nation..You need to select better points to argue this issue with me..I will always win on this in our racist america this is given in our country.

I am not dwelling or making excuses about truth and facts and the legacy of race relations in our nation..I have never posted that I support denial or race grievance issues from Black folks..

It was you who stated in your initial post how YOU agreed with others in here about me..It was used that invoked the race card about my facts and logical posts..

You are not retreating because your fiction does not measure up to my substantive posts..

In summary when a Black person objects to racism and dares to have an opinon about social issues that does not follow such a position is a denial or a Black person is playing the race card.. Truth is in our nation white folks invented, created and have used the race card since white initial invasion and entry onto this land( pilgrims and puritans wer nation's orginal illegal aliens and domestic terrorists..

Detroiters are HUMAN BEINGS AND AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

I am posting from my BB using a voice recognition mode excuse the mistypes..

Geeeee ... I don't even own a BB. I guess you're doing better than me Thraser :-)

Unfortunately, all the ranting in the world isn't going to make Detroit a better place to live, I'm afraid.


Whose ranting I am just trying to reason with you...Sorry but I am a American I will not give up on Detroit nor Country


If you have any spare time-peruse Mr. Trasher's other profound thoughts throughout the blog and pay special note of his incessant sniping of Jack.

I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion regarding Mr. Trasher's logic, grasp of history and wanton racism.

I post here occasionally because Trasher is a bully who enjoys ravaging white folks for sport. He rarely has any factual basis for his claims and he dispenses his racist venom freely to anyone or any institution. Let's see- in his last diatribe he indicted the Jews. If you look at all of his posts you'll find a disturbed person incapable of rational thought. It always boils down to oppression by the white masses. The most recent dialogue between you and Trasher was clear evidence of deep seated hatred. He's seethes and attacks and assumes his moral high ground. He's a classic bigot.


Please refrain from attacking me and providing others with fiction and disinformation and slander about my body of work on this site.

You continue to obess over me, spell my name wrong and display a level of anger and hate that quite frankly sometimes disturbs me..

I recall the very first time you crossed my path in here nothing has changed with you..Your first post at me was full of anger and rage and racism.. Instead of offering up an opinion based upon the content of my post you instead atacked me and my family on a personal level... Why?...

What is it about underdeveloped people like you who object and resent alternative and diverse perspectives so much you harbor such intense hate and venom??

I will never retreat, concede, bend over, surrender to injustice, racism, inhumanity, discord, negativity, hate or any form of disinformation, propaganda, dogma that discounts, and holds me and my people in contempt and harms way..

My posts reflect truth and perspective from my vantage point. I am a American... A living legend in some eyes. For some even an iconic figure..Get over me... I am not leaving my footprints will continue ..

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