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June 26, 2009


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Thanks, Jack. I always sleep better at night, knowing that you're concerned about the well-being and the future success and of the Republican Party.

I know that we're very close to gaining your support. All we have to do is to agree to increase taxes, increase government spending, appoint liberal judges, indict and prosecute George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, and put Al Gore in charge of all manufacturing in the United States. (I know, you'd like to have Al Gore in charge of manufacturing the world over, but we have to take baby steps, Jack. Some people might have a problem with the fact the Al Gore has never been involved in the manufacture of anything other than legislation.)


You're confusing people laughing at you, for responding to you. If you don't know the difference, you need help. I will always take an opportunity to laugh at you.

Republicans had 8 years+ to TOTALLY screw everything up. NOW they are all on board to make sure insurance companies can't discriminate against people with prior illnesses!? Where were they all these years? What a great idea!!!

The people that seek me out for counsel and influence do not laugh at me but we share fun together..

Ordinary people like you do not exist in my orbit..I would never attract attract a shallow skirt like you...People like you are not worthy of my presence..People like you are cheerleaders and follow the herd...

Now run along and find another empty fad of obess over..You bore me


Please elaborate on your "influence" and "counsel". Is it the local chapter of the MonCon/Sharpton Klan? Are you vying for Grand Wizard?

If you were a dog you'd be a small poodle-a little yappy thing that turns and runs. No education, no job, no skills other than pure unadulterated racism. Excerpts of your comments over the years read like a reverse David Duke compendium. It must be tough to be a sleazy, big talk, loud, bullying little boy.

Now run along and get that shine box.


Your post confirms so much over you have been stalking me for years..I bet given the coward that you are I even gave you my autograph....lol,lol,lol

Yet again you exist only because I post here..lol,lol,lol This is yet another reaction to my posts at last count 98% of your posts were a reaction to me..

I am blushing yet again over your obession with me..Again I only demand one small thing please spell my name correctly...




I knew I would reel you in to read my post!!!...lol,lol,lol,lol


If you don't like Jack's views, why are you listening to NPR? They're plenty of one-sided shows on the AM dial. NPR is the place where dems,moderates and independents go for balanced news coverage and analysis. Anonymous, Rush, Sean, Levin and Beckman are on WJR 760! This is not Fox News!

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