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June 04, 2009


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As an entrepreneur trying to develop a new alternative energy technology, here in Michigan, all I can say is - DO "Leave for North Carolina now"!

I also have to agree that optimism alone is NOT a strategy for success (neither is going overseas with hat in hand). If it were, we could all be living in million dollar homes, with zero down mortgages, sky high stock values and all the green energy we could use.

GM selling more cars is not the approach for the future..We need GM to commit to MASS TRANSIT..

This is the model and market for the Future!!!!!!!!!!!

We need our government to spend money on redesigning all of our cities and towns..No more trillions of dollars on the Middle East and chasing down terrorists and dictators...

Now is the time to care about AMERICA

I'm looking for the story or podcast on the Upper Penisula that was broadcast around 5 pm today. Jack Lessenbery was the reporter/commentator and I only heard the last sentence -- something about the federal gov spending $$ in Western UP and Hoekstra being against it. Does anyone know where to find this or know what was said

This is Jack Lessenberry. I plan to address this further tomorrow.

Mary, try here:

(This is for a preview page at tinyURL that lets you see where you are being redirected. Always look before you link!)

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