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June 26, 2009


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I have bookmarked your essay. I'll get around to reading it after I'm done reading the Michael Jackson tributes.

I am not waiting around for leadership from any public offical, religious person or newspaper pundits..

In truth I am increasing my counsel to those who seek it...

I plan to update my blog daily now in light of the world's troubled canvass..


Jack and others, have you seen what is going on at NPR lately? Read the comments. There is a FIRESTORM starting there regarding NPR's refusal to use the term "torture" with regards to what the U.S. did under Bush! Maybe Jack or some others of you would like to comment there too and also tell Michigan Radio, what you think about this. Maybe we should all withhold our sponsorship of local stations, until NPR relents.

It appears that there is a unanimous opinion as to the Ombudsman's - not so objective viewpoint - and what ramifications that could have for NPR's credibility in the future and, in particular, the credibility of, so called, Ombudsman in general. By the way, the Ombudsman and at least one of NPR's attorneys, have taken a sudden, unscheduled and extended "vacation". Also it appears their marketing person has taken one of these "vacations" too (because when I tried to find out about Siemens sponsorship of NPR programs, that is what I was told). Perhaps this has something to do with the comments made by 'Truth Seeker', about Siemens having suddenly decided to sponsor a number of NPR programs (wonder what that's all about?).

Over 370 comments already (a record?)!

NPR firestorm much to do about nothing in the "chatter class"..


Are you kidding me!! Were you a Bush/Chaney supporter too? Maybe so, if it's true that you live in Birmingham! What a poser!

It's almost 400 comments now and climbing!
NPR has NO credibility any more - it's gone!


Please get over your zip code envy..Your obession with a trival subject matter makes you less thana poser...Now is that becuase of the zip code you live in????

For you to post that NPR no longer has credibility now forces me to ignore everything you post in here!!!!

BTW my post on WDET "Detroit Today" created threads that were over 400 hits and DT was awarded best site by Detroit MetroTimes..

Now run along you are example of why people like me ignore the noise of the "chatter class"

Come on Thrasher, you know you have ABSOLUTELY NO credibility here or anywhare(just check ALL the responses to any posts you have made). And don't take credit for something you had NOTHING to do with! You are simply "a legend in your own mind". Why don't you do something productive for a change - poser!


All I know is chatter class folks like you do not measure up to me and often post stupid stuff like your post about NPR!!

The bulks of posts in here for the past year or so have been reactions to MY posts not posts like yours!! You are doing what must posters do right now REACTING to MY POSTS!!!!

Now get loss and go follow the herd or better yet go post another forgettable comment on the NPR thread..You nobody..lol,lol,lol

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