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June 23, 2009


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You're exactly right. We're heading for a census. We're also heading for redistricting. It's our only chance for ten years to do something about Gerrymandering. Both parties like it, because it makes incumbents of both parties safe. But it's not democratic.

I have contacted Michigan Senator Glenn S. Allen. He says this has been an issue for him, too, but I'm not convinced anything is being done.

The thing is, with computers, it would be relatively simple to divide a state into horizontal lines, and then adjusting vertical lines--within each horizontal channel--to adjust for population.

It seems to me that we should require that at least 90% of ALL districts be perfect rectangles. Obviously, state borders are not straight, but we could still require that all districts have at least three straight line sides.

There would still be some "safe" districts, but it wouldn't be the joke that it is now.

How can we work toward ending this insane Gerrymandering? The time is now.

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