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June 24, 2009


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Anyone who does not attend college because the Michigan Promise Scholarship is not available probably isn't very committed to obtaining an education anyway. After all, we're only talking about a token amount as a reward for a substantial investment already made. I put 2 children through college some years ago, and even then the amount of this scholarship would not have been enough to influence a decision.

Besides, what other state program are you going to decimate in order to keep this one? None of us wants our pet projects touched - cut spending, just don't inconvenience me personally.

The symbolism of our state cutting a scholarship fund I guess does not play well in the minds of some people who look to phony symbols as a measure of substance..

I will run for the water cooler and call my elite friends when I here that the State of Michigan has decided to pull out of the union...Now that is news in a recession era ...

As the father of a newly graduated high school senior and soon to graduate college senior, I can say that this cut does hit me. But as I look over and consider college & career options with my son and daughter, I am struck by several observations.

Michigan's public universities are very expensive relative to many other state's universities. In many states, out of state tuition is higher than Michigan's in state tuition. Why is this and what are we getting for our investment verses other states?

Secondly, what benefit do Michigan's tax payers receive from their investment in state universities and financial/tuition aid as so many of our graduates leave Michigan for better job markets? We need a mechanism that rewards our graduates (and why not even other states's graduates?) for staying, bringing their training here and yes even paying taxes here. Just throwing more money into our bloated, out of touch universities as we have in the past is nuts!

I don't know if I like the idea of tax dollars going to high school students . . . . the cost of a higher education is insane, but if the child is committed to going to school, he or she will work, live frugally, take out some loans, and find ways to pay for it, just as other generations of students did. We act like if a parent can't afford college, then the child will be doomed. I put myself through college at 26 -- it was had but obviously not impossible.

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