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June 30, 2009


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If we look at the Obama campaign and their refusal to play by public money limits your analysis is certainly true; the worst government money could buy!

Our criminal justice system reflects mirrors the mores and principles of American culture..

We have separate and unequal legal protocols depending on race and class...

Of course race even trumps class that of course is not a newsflash

Taking down dangerous criminals like Monica Conyers appeals more to the middle class then the CEO's of health care firms and CEO"s of Wall Street..

Gotta get those dangerous coloreds and negros off the streets....lol,lol,lol

Anyone interested in journalism, free speech and Democracy, need to follow this discussion! Jack, you need to weigh in on this as well.


Many of the medicare programs also have matching funds. The Dental care program has a 5-1 matching fund from the Feds. So by cutting a million dollars, we are losing $5 million more, laying off professionals at clinics, losing opportunities for our medical students and forcing people into emergency rooms if they can't get proper care.

So where is the savings in this?

You're so right Jack! The city council gets all the attention, and rightly so, but plenty of crooks lie within suburbia, it's just not investigated as much. You're right, with newspapers shrinking, where will our watchdogs come from? Very scary, indeed.

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