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May 01, 2009


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What? Now, you don't think a statewide smoking ban isn't going help our state balance its budget or create jobs?

Since you're dumping on our state legislature and we haven't seen a Gov't reform proposal from them or our Gov since she moved to Lansing (other than give money to Hollywood). How's this idea?

Why does Michigan (or any state) need a Bi-carmel legislature? Along with the cost of all the extra bodies. Throw them all in one bucket keep only the state legislative seat districts and let both the Sens and the Reps fight it out for the remaining seats! Not only will we save all that money, it will be great sport!

I hope our state does use the stimulus money to balance the budget.

I do not buy the hype that using the money will not solve any future structual fiscal issues...

Who cares about the fiction of future fiscal budgets...I want to deal with the present reality state fiscal shortcomings..

I reject the tired notion of let's used the stimulus money for everything but budget shortfalls..I also reject the notion that stimulous money should be given to education before other concerns.. Why?

Education is a overated and clearly given the credentials of those on Wall St and in our federal and state captials also not proof that being educated means better quality , better thinkers, better leaders etc.

Money is to be spent now not later..

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