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May 14, 2009


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A progressive post election analysis: 1. Bing and Cockrel are both average at best candidates and the main reason for the low voter turn out..Voters were not given much of a selection... 2. Cobo Center Saga had nothing to do with Cockrel's 2nd place finish besides being an average candidate his inability to handle Monica and his failure to convince the DCC to bypass the charter and have only one election was fatal and displayed his shallow leadership skills. The Cobo saga was a much to do about nothing diversion..Truth is GM should pay for any modernization of Cobo Center and Monica was correct about Federal Stimulous Funds... 3. Freeman's endorsement of Bing was worthless and impotent clearly if he could not convince voters to vote him over Bing and Cockrel of course his endorsement was worthless.. 4. The governor's lack of leadership skills and the tired racist chants of Brooks Patterson made many voters reject Cockrel since he was a doormat for both Grandholm and Brooks...Bing at least is his own man.. 5.Fact is Bing is out of his element tired old caretaker type whose best days bounced away years ago..Bing does not represent the future but nothing more than a stale placeholder..The city needs a young turk not a KK clone but a young missle capable of taking down tired old slugs like Jack, Bing, Brooks, Jennifer and the cadre of brain dead CEO's who have made our state a funeral home and a 3rd world venue...The city can hold out a little longer for this icon to emerge..

Yawn yawn yawn ..... where is Vladimir Lenin when we need him?

Lenin was a white man sorry but he lacks the skill set for Detroit

tomorrow is another day.

OK let's go for Robert Mugabe. Detroit already is the Zimbawe of the US! Perfect.

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