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May 06, 2009


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Please no revisionist facts here..The majority of white voters in Michigan voted for a passive and "magic negro' in Obama..

White voters did not vote for Obama out of some sense of racial justice or any noble or civil or cum ba ya reasons. Bush destroyed our national economy!!

White voters in our state remain in the most part uneasy and in fear of Black males..

This is a reality in part the reason why our region is the most segregated and racist in the entire nation...

Of course only media types like you will try to spin Bing's victory as a good racial outcome since such a fiction let's white folks off the hook with regard to the racial legacy of this region..

Bing is not a magic bullet , our state is in a meltdown not becuase of Detroit but becuase of the state leaders in Lansing and the lousy CEO's in the autosector and of course the impotent voters who tolerate 2nd class leadership..

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