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May 04, 2009


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Many of us are already attacking..When are you going to start??

Folks like you and others in your industry tolerated incompetent auto CEO's, impotent political leaders, shallow religious leaders, phony non-profit windbags, and empty professors and backward educators..

Accept your own shorcomings and get out of the way so folks like me can change the reality of this region...

Make a difference..I do..

I think you are absolutely right, its just too bad that it's taken this long for this realization to come about. If Michiganders had taken this approach when the auto industry first began to decline instead of clinging to it so desperately we might not be in such a situation now.

To "Thrasher", why on earth would you criticize him for encouraging the people of Michigan to follow the same example that you claim to be upholding?


Why on earth are you letting him off the hook for his cupability???

Unlike you I do not respect people like Jack who always want to lite a fire on others and not themselves especially folks like him in the media who were dormant and dead for decades while our state was in its decline..

Sorry but I am not one of Jack's cheerleaders..I have no problem being crtical of Jack, he needs to take his own advice instead of lecturing to others...


Sorry to clue you but sitting in your basement pumping out bilge on to the internet or anywhere else doesn't make any difference. If you think it does this just shows the problem. By the way how many paychecks do you sign a week? (I do 15).

As for Jack, although I almost always diagree with him if I had to choose between the two of you who to 8 hours on a road trip with.....


Who appointed you Jack's savior in here..lol,lol,lol. What makes you think your comments matter in here...lol,lol,lol

I signed more than 15 paychecks in a day.. You have aways to catch up..

I could care less about riding anywhere with you for 5 minutes let alone 8 hours.. Your posts drip in boredom and intellectual nothingness..

BTW I have a lap top and a great cell phone..I only watch TV on my massive big screen in my basement..lol,lol,lol


You must understand Trasher for what he is.He is a boy with no visible means of support. No education, no career and absolutely no expertise in anything commercial. No trade other than spewing vitriol. A hardcore racist who adds nothing to the public debate. He's a black David Duke-Trasher the Grand Wizard of the of the local chapter of the Monica Conyers Advanced School of Race Baiting.

No question Matt-you would never sign a paycheck for Trasher. He has no discernable skills. He has no resume-he's unemployable and he's just plain pissed at the world. But deep inside he knows he can't compete-he's just a talker not a doer.


What drives your hate and contempt for me?? Is it becuase I have an opinon or my reasoning is authentic? I reviewed your hate filled posts at me 98% of your posts on this site revolves around ME..

What drives your anger and venom? I know who you are now by the way you spell my name...

I know you, please do not stalk me or harm me the next time we are in the same room..

Your obession is becoming dangerous.

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