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May 26, 2009


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We should get one of those wimpy liberal types or conservative bigots like Ben Stein to pen a column about the pathological and behavioral shortcomings of the those in the media industry that lead to the demise and implosion of this industry..

These media sociologists could attack the dna of reporters, pundits and find out why they continued to fail and ignore thier own shortcomings..

The denial, deflection and shallow quality of those in the media industry created thier own demise..

Perhaps now we can really communicate with each other without the prejudice, bias, fiction, disinformation, propaganda, ignorance, shallowness of the media industry..

Good riddance Old School Media..You can harm no more..

There could be an analogy drawn between what is happening with newspapers and the auto industry. Both have suffered from greed and increasing complacency. Newspapers have attempted to drastically cut back on doing the expensive and difficult investigative reporting (that they should be doing)while still charging the same for advertising and classifieds. While the Detroit auto companies, similarly, just wanted to rake in the money without having to do major investments in new vehicle designs, training and technologies and while continuing to charge the same and more for the same-old types of vehicles.

But we can also blame the traditional classified/advertising model of funding newspapers which is no longer tenable or relevant. I believe what newspapers will need to in the future is to get back to basics, get rid of some of the large number of "feature", "staff" and "freelance" writers and return to doing more "hard news" (which can't be done by "citizen journalists" and bloggers) while, at the same time, rewarding their readers with deals they can ONLY GET by buying THEIR papers. Advertisers would then get dedicated newspaper subscribers who would also be dedicated and repeat customers. So, rather than relying on the traditional, mass, "push marketing", businesses will have use a lot more "pull marketing" that will be exclusive to certain types of media. I think something like this would guarantee businesses customers, while guaranteeing publishers advertising revenue. If you think about it, this is kind like what medical insurance is to hospitals - groups of patients buy insurance at discounted rates and medical providers get guaranteed customers that only get discounted services if they use the services of those specific providers. In other words, a social contract gets re-established between newspapers, businesses and the public.

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