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May 28, 2009


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Don't forget her over-reliance on the belief that manufacturing would make a big comeback in Michigan and her steadfast rejection of the need to increase C.A.F.E. standards or otherwise encourage Detroit auto manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient vehicles, rather than merely adding more HP, seats and cup holders. Her, highly touted, 21st Century "Jobs Fund" didn't seem to have created anything like the number of new jobs she promised (we haven't heard much about it lately, have we? - seems to have mainly gone to support existing university faculty and students). She also did almost nothing about environmental problems, prisoner and foster-care abuse, medical price gouging, insurance redlining, declining education, worker retraining, or trying to make Michigan more attractive to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other talented individuals who could create new jobs. Instead she mostly just resorted to begging overseas companies to consider providing us with "instant jobs" and lots of money. In exchange for what? - some tax breaks? Yeah...that worked great!

No I think our good Governor should just go back to being a regular, high-priced, lawyer (because we REALLY need some more of them!).

I don't think that Gov. Granholm can go "back to being a regular, high-priced lawyer" because she never was one.

She was a lawyer, to be sure. An assisstant U.S. Attorney (not in private practice, and not "high-priced) and later Michigan's Attorney General; all the while court princess to the Wayne County political fiefdom run by Ed McNamara.

It's a gaping hole in the Granholm resume. No private sector experience whatsoever. She's a pure politician-lawyer.

Well, that's not entirely true. Jennifer Granhom won the Miss San Carlos (CA) beauty pageant, she was a tour guide at Universal Studios, and she was a contestant on the Dating Game. So she knows about those businesses.

Anonymous comments about the governor is why I have zero respect for intellectual cowards who post under anonymous..

What was the point of posting about her personal hobbies?? Why is this revelant now?

Anonymous= Intellectual Coward

Kind of like some nothing who lives in his mother's basement and thinks posting on some website really amounts to anything at all.

Thasher = loser

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