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May 28, 2009


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GM can still be a anchor our nation's future by shifting from auto's to mass transit..

Mass Transit is the best model for Michigan and the nation..Mass Transit can allow for massive labor intensive employment, the construction and teardown of old property venues into new structures, the green payoff will reduce global warming( less cars, less emissions)...

The ticket to the future is not an electric car but MASS TRANSIT!!

The era of V8's is long gone, but they got it too late... Stop making junk!

Quick Thrasher ... name one mass transit scheme in this nation that DOES NOT puke red ink and take massive taxpayer injections to keep it afloat. (Yes, even at $4 gas). This is not France and things aren't about what we wish for it's about what is. Likewise V-8s ... A mistake? They're one of the few things that GM built and consumers actually wanted to buy and GM could make money on. GM, given the UAW, did nothing but lose money on the PC cars you so wish for.


Quick name one auto maker in the this nation making money??

Clearly a MASS TRANSIT system as our primary mode of transportation not only will make money but make the air we breath better and planet greener and jobs for all..

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