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May 07, 2009


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Blaming the governor is simply another way of passing the buck.

If these "young lawmakers" are already started down that path, won't be long until they, too, are sucked into the game of serving the lobbyists instead of their constituents. The built-in excuses of "term limits" and "governor's fault" are already there, and in their frustration, they will grab for them as quick as they can. Wait and see.

You did hit the main problem though, one that NOBODY will address: Everyone wants to live in a society that has excellent schools, smooth roads, affordable health care, a clean environment and responsive public safety, and NO ONE wants to pay for it. Solve that problem, and we will be just fine.

Until then, you are simply feeding the pipe dream that there is some savior who will fix all our problems. The person used to be Jennifer Granholm, remember? Now it's Barack Obama. You will turn on him too.

The answer lies in the mindset of the people. Until they understand that you can't continuously cut revenue and still maintain a decent quality of life, this will keep going on. A stake needs to be driven though the heart of Reaganism once and for all.

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