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April 15, 2009


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As you stated, everyone would like to keep more money but we have always felt blessed that we earned enough to have taxes to pay!

Mr. Lessenberry brags that he paid $40,000 in income taxes last year. Happily.

The candor with which Mr. L. shares his six-figure income and tax-day happiness illustrate how embarrassingly out-of-touch Mr. Lessenberry has become from his WUOM listeners.

You forgot the third class: those who pay no taxes because they have no income, or no taxable income.

Good point Karen,

The "third class" may be the majority of (potential) income-tax payers...or soon will be.


If mr. L is so happy to pay taxes, maybe we can make him happier - he can pay our taxes also and maybe that will make him feel on top of the world. My main gripe is that I have to pay someone to do my taxes since it has become so hard to figure out what the HEL! the gov't expects us to figure out the formula! It's become so difficult that I have a headache for a couple of days after!

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