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April 02, 2009


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Another great idea from the same people who've worked their miracle on Detroit and would like to do the same for the rest of the state! let's give free college education out to everyone except those who pay Michigan's taxes through the nose. And then watch as particularly the highest paid graduates take their degrees and move out ... with our investment. How has this worked for California? They're a bigger basket case than Michigan.

More money for PreK? Most of the evidence shows that the advantage of these programs are gone within 4 years. So let's throw a pile more money at that too! MEA spew again!

I'm not a negitive person so how's this idea to help the state's college grads? I'd propose this; Cut out the state's direct aid to colleges. They can compete on even ground with all other higher Ed options. Then take these funds and create an annual non refundable $4000 or what ever, state tax credit for say .. 15 years to the student who received (and paid for the degree). (This would pay a big chunk of their student loan). This should go to anyone no matter where they went to college. Public, private in outstate, all we should care about is that they are here contributing and paying taxes to Michigan's economy! This instead the Warren/Smith idea would make Michigan a more attractive place for college grads to locate to rather than out of!

I think a better idea would be to cut costs of college in our state rather than more taxes...

Areas to cut taxes: Salaries of professors, AD's of state universities, athletic coaches in all state colleges/universities, cut costs of fees and tution..the list is endless..

Why tax when you can cut the excess fat..Izzo makes to much $$$$ So does football coach and AD at UM....

I disagree with the proposal as stated. I feel as a taxpayer (and BTW, Matt, I am a professor at these state universities, so I think I should be paid at market rates, which is not even what the universities here pay). I should get a return on my investment, which will not happen when these undergrads, educated on my nickel, leave the state post graduation to work elsewhere. Plus I think people should take responsibility for their own improvement.
I would be willing to have my traxes subsidize low-cost loans to deserving undergrads, sure, and would support a subsidy to low income people to send their kids to preschool, but I draw the line at educating everyone else's children. I got enough to think about with my own daughter

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