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April 29, 2009


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What we are observing a raw and early expression of a new hybrid model of a non -profit utility based upon a absolute requirement of our nation's need for transportation and employment..

As such we must toss out old and obsolete models and paradigms like socialism (an economic system)unions, owners, profits, etc..

The new global world design requires not only new mutual relationships between taxpayer and business but an entire new language and dialouge..

We must create and develop new models of economic machines built upon the nexus between government, workers and owners and other interests...

I would argue a more progressive non-profit hybrid wherein the government creates the companies to employ and create these transit utilities and others to operate and exist for the welfare of the nation.

Of course because these are new ideas they bring a certain level of the unk...

Jack Lessenberry asks the rhetorical question, "What happens next?"

We know the history of some government-run automakers. British Leyland. The Soviet Lada. Peugot. Saab. Volvo. Of all of those mentioned (I'm sure there are many more prime examples), the history is bleak. Only Volvo, as a ward of the determinedly private Ford Motor Company, is still breathing; Saab is on the automaker version of a heart-lung machine.

So what IS the future? I'm not sure that I know, but here, once again is a voice that is virtually never heard from on Detroit Public Radio, Michigan Public Radio or National Public Radio: Holman W. Jenkins Jr., former U-M journalism fellow, on the state of Obama Motors:


Holman’s article was a great piece. For an even better assessment of where BO and Co is trying to push this dog read today’s WSJ.


The WSJ is not an objective paper to cover this story in part because of thier conetmpt for Obama and thier lack of details on this marketplace..

The WSJ has lost its stature given it was asleep at the wheel during the Maddof saga..How can they blow this saga which was in thier wheelhouse??

Hey Thrasher, we already have your "new hybrid" transportation company, it's called Amtrack. Those of us who pay taxes have been pumping billions into it for years!

Great idea!

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