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April 14, 2009


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Jack is at it again attacking elected Black woman in public offices..last week it was Monica Conyers this week it is Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick..

One of Jack's tatics is to compare a white woman public offical with a Black woman..He demonized Monica in contrast to Granhol now he does the same with Pelosi and Kilpatrick...

Jack's grudge against Black woman has no end nor boundaries..

Carolyn Kilpatrick has represented her district well one could argue better than both Granholm and Pelosi..

Detroit .... The US version of Zimbabwe. This is what happens when you give total political control over to one party! It doesn't really matter which party either, it's always bad. It's all decided in a low turnout primary. For Detroit, as long as it's not a white guy, a Republican or maybe a fellon, that's all that matters. Jack can ring his hands all he wants but not enough votes there really care or are even listening .... and the Democrats will just keep sending our money to keep it that way.

What part of this Lessenberry commentary was in error, Thrasher? Please be specific. Please be very specific. Get your entire alernative think tank working on the project of rebutting any part of what was posted here.

Consider yourself called out, now, on the matter of your race-baiting grievance politics.

Is there anywhere on the 'net, where your non-stop race-whining hasn't rendered you a laughingstock and a pariah?

Anonymous....get real you intellectual coward..You dare to call me out ..lol,lol,lol you are afraid of your own name attached to your posts...lol,lol,lol

Calling me out..Hell even in your shallow pitiful manner you have confirmed my brand name on the 'net'..

Calling me out..lol,lol,lol...A coward who posts under an alias calling me out....lol,lol,lol

You co-signing another has been..dead end thinker....lol,lol,lol..

I will admit I am glad you know my think tank is an alternative think tank...my Marketing even works on intellectual cowards...

BTW please visit my blog planeideas.blogspot.com..for more pointers..tee hee

More wasted bandwidth from Thrasher.

It is a lesson I learned long ago; it is useless, pointless and inevitably a source of abject frustration to try to engage this guy.

Eventually, he always makes a charge of "racism" so risible, so baseless, so provacative, that one is almost bound to reply. And then comes the aforementioned frusration.

I disagree with Jack Lessenberry, plenty. I disagree with him more than I agree with him. That is why I think it is useful for someone like me to say that it is plainly despicable for anyone to accuse "racism" in connection with this measured, truthful, inarguable Commentary.

Let's be additionally clear; when it comes to "racism," there is no more crediblity with Thrasher. He's lost it. Squandered it, really. He can't be part of any serious discussion, on practically any topic, lest it devolve into a racial grievance session.

I asked him before -- what part of his essay "Pubilc Service" did Jack Lessenberry get wrong? Thrasher won't answer that. And that ought to be the end of our reading Thrasher's digital pollution.

A final (my last, I hope) message to Greg Thrasher -- you really do a disservice to the people who do have serious and important things to say about race and inner-city politics in this region. It ought to mean something to call someone a racist. You have reduced the term to complete meaninglessness.

Anonymous you do a complete disservice for those people who have ethics and principle by posting as an intellectual coward and hiding behind an alias...

How dare you even question my posts given your disregard to those of us who post without a hidden agenda..

Your efforts to indict me as aa evil person are insane given nothing I have posted about Jack's twisted and commentary is wrong nor in error..

It is my opinon as a Black man in this region with a legacy of a honest and principled body of work to be attacked by You and Jack in here just becuase I dare to have the courage to confront his racist pulp fiction..

Please do not project your angry underdeveloped racial values on me..It is you that have reduced all terms to complete worthlessness by posting as an intellectual coward..

Unlike you my body of work from my TV show to my numerous commentaries over the years have created constructive dialouge and meaningful impact from all areas and venues in this region..

It is intellectual cowards like you that give quarter to bigots like Jack and others in the media who used thier positions to indict, inflame and create negative protrayals and images of anything Black in this region and when people like me confront twisted people like you and Jack you then have the audacity to attack me with your twisted cultural pathologies of blaming the very people who make a difference...

I will never allow backward angry cowards like You and others to define me or stop me from being this region 's most inportant and life altering activist...Intellectual cowards like you fuel me and give me reason to be me..

I am quite happy knowing I have defeated you and I will not need to deal with your posts in the future...

Now get lost and go find someone else to obess over..

True Story:

I was driving down to visit a friend in Windsor, while listening to NPR. Due to traffic and construction, I had been turned around and forced to alternate routes several times in my attempt to make it to the Ambassador Bridge. The story of Nancy Pelosi's visit to Detroit came on air, which puzzled me further as I hadn't heard of her visiting anywhere else.

Then, they added why she was here: For Kilpatrick. My phone rang just then, and I answered with, "Pelosi is dead to me." My Canadian friend was rather confused.

True Story..

An associate of mine was trying to get her son to work as a congressional page for one of our congress people in DC...

He researched Dingell, Conyers, Kilpatrick, Knollenberg only to discover Conyers & Kilpatrick had a diverse staff of pages all the others had only white students as pages..

BTW my associate was a white woman... Dingell and Knollenberg from that moment were dead to me and this was a decade ago..

I wondered if anything had changed in Dingell's office and now Gary Peter's office( he did not have any minority staffers during his run for congress when he defeated Knollenberg btw)...Nothing has changed with either Peters or Dingell both have all white staffs here in Michigan and DC..

Please note, all; the simple question posed to Thrasher [What did Lessenberry write that was in error?] hasn't been answered.

Please note: I will never pay attention to intellectual cowards who post under Anonymous .

No one appointed intellectual cowards as arbiters of anything on this site. I find it insane when posters like Anonymous demand respect and acknowledgement given they lack the courage and integriy to post under thier real names...

MY premise remains the same Jack's commentary towards Black woman in public office ( Monica Conyers & Carolyn Kilpatrick is tainted and stained with his contempt for them as Black woman and his commentary towards white woman in public office Jennifer Granholm & Nancy Pelosi does not reflect this contempt)...

Those who defend Jack's efforts as sound and principled journalism are in denial and apparently blind to this truth..


Jack Lessenberry has rarely had anything to say, good bad or indifferent about Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As for Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Jack Lessenberry has been a frequent critic, expressing his disappointment in her tenure, her ineffectiveness and her timidity in tackling tough budgetary problems.

Again, I approach the issue of "defending Jack Lessenberry" from the persepective of someone who routinely disagrees with him, sometimes vigorously.

Yet it is easy to defend him when someone like Thrasher casually tosses out the epithet that Jack Lessenberry is a "racist."

Perversely, Greg Thrasher has succeeded in denuding the concept of "racism" of all meaning. Greg Thrasher could probably reduce any discussion, be it about govenment budgets, or social policy, or orange juice, to "racism."

I regard it as more or less official; Greg Thrasher, himself a champion racialist, can no longer be heard to call anyone a "racist."

This minor debate has been reduced to the base level that Thrasher has reduced all things; everyone else is a racist, and that is the root of all problems.

[Nota bene: You still haven't heard one substantive word from Thrasher as to how he might actually rebut anything that Jack Lessenberry wrote. I don't expect that you ever will. Seriously, who the hell is this guy? He runs "An alternative think tank" that has no apparent funding, staff, budget, or purpose. He has a local-access cable tv program that is a self-parody. And he pops up on innumerable comments pages all over the internet to spew racialist diatribes. As far as I am aware, he has no profession, no real avocation. He failed to graduate from law school, although he loves to point out that he "attended." One of his favorite memes is for "public/mass transit." I'm beggining to wonder if perhaps the reason that he is so keen on public transit is that maybe he doesn't have a driver's license.]

So let's be very clear here; this is all a typical Thrasher-thing. He tosses out allegations of "racism" like they were Halloween candy. Every once in a while, as now, someone decides, "Enough. I/we won't be called a 'racist.' That is an evil, hateful allegation, and I/we just won't take it." Welcome to Greg Thrasher's world. It's an ugly and altogether unproductive place, isn't it?

Then I will as the question you keep ducking and trying to confuse with the false race issue: What part of this Lessenberry commentary was in error?

This is not a black or white issue, it’s a green issue, and it’s sad you are trying to make it a race issue. There is one thing for sure, there isn’t much the bridge company will not do to keep the monopoly on its own private border crossing.

That should be: "Then I will ask the question you keep ducking and trying to confuse with the false race issue."

Again I will never acknowledge posts from intellectual cowards..I have been posting on this site for many moons and my opinon on Jack has not changed in years becuase his anger and racist rants have not changed..My opinons are based upon Jack's work product not my work product .

I would suggest folks just read his last 1o commentaries in the Detroit Metro Times wherein he attacks Monica Conyers, Martha Reeves, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Barbra Rose Collins with the most nasty vile and race driven hate speech I have read in the last ten years...His words clearly demonstrate his contempt for these Black woman there is no other way to read his hate speech it is there for all to observe..

I have my own opinions about the bridge issue and I do not need to engaged in the racist indictment of those who support a new bridge to butress my views.

From my perspective Jack's views are racist . I have no problem indicting bigots and I will continue to indict racists 24/7..

The idea that intellecual cowards like Anonymous will continue to attack me at the end of the day means nothing to me..I have encountered cowards like Anonymous all my life, people like him who attack Black leaders and people like me who make a difference.

Again I am fueled by cowards like Anonymous his anger and obession confirms and affirms for me what I do is right on the money 24/7..

My footprints and body of work in this region is unmatched..People of all hues even my critics respect me and my extensive body of work..

Jealousy and envy are the usual suspects I encounter 24/7..It comes with the brandname I have created over the years..I sleep well at night....

How am I an “intellectual coward?” Based on the recent actions of Monica Conyers, Martha Reeves, Carolyn Kilpatrick and Barbra Rose Collins they deserve to be criticized. I don’t see any racism in pointing out the fact that Kilpatrick is carrying water for Matty Moroun, and your attempt to cry racism for no reason cannot disguise that simple fact.

I have no idea who you are, but you are wrong in this issue.

Communications Guru,

You are an intellectual coward for posting under an alias...

Your denial and attempt to deflect Jack's racist spin on this is a simple fact..

Now I have taken the same posture you have towards me on my posts the only difference is unlike You I do not post under an alias..

I have no problem with anyonebe critical of public officals I engaged in that posture quite a lot my issue is with bigots and racists who attack with personal venom based upon the race of the public offical something Jack is an expert in..

I have no idea who you are nor do I care for that matter and you are wrong on this issue..

That’s bullshit copout. Millions of people blog and take part in online forums with screen names, and that does not take away from the weight of their argument. I don’t like people posting anonymously because it can be millions of people, but that’s’ not the case with a unique screen name, which is probably what you are using. On my blog there is a load of personal information in my profile, including my photo. All except my name, which is no secret; there is certainly a lot more personal information in my profile than in yours.

Fine, I understand you refuse to answer the question posed to you by two different people simply because you have no answer. There is no racism in Mr. Lessenberry’s post, and those elected officials deserve the criticism, for their actions.

I have no idea who you are, nor do I care for that matter, and you are wrong on this issue.

Communications Guru, What is bullshit is your evasive post and avoidance about using your real name..I am sorry but your explanation and reasoning is weak and shallow like the bulk of your posts in here..

I have answered all of the questions addressed to me about Jack's racist commentaries when the subject matter is about Black woman the problem of course for you and the other intellectual cowards who like you post under an alias is that you do not like my truth and answers..That is the real issue here..

I have posted on this site and Detroit Metro Times the same theme about Jack's racist rants against Monica Conyers and CCK and other Black woman on the Detroit City Council your denial and acknowledgement of this truth again reveals your lack of integrity and intellecual courage..

Jack has posted the following hate filled comments about Monica & CCK mind you none of this quotes have anything to do with substantive issues but just raw vile hate and contempt for Black woman..I really doubt if Jack would respect any reporter for writing about his wife in this way!!..

"poisonous-looking Monica Conyers talking into the ear of a catatonic and apparently brain-dead Martha Reeves"

"Ignorant, nasty, ill-informed and hungry for power and ego gratification"

"she is doing more harm to the image of blacks in power than Birth of a Nation did a century ago"

"about the nature of evil and, not coincidentally, of Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick."

"For even though the felon has been extracted from the mayor's office and shipped out of town, his mama, aka CCK and popularly known as the congresswoman for sale"

Yet intellectual cowards like you and others on this site and DMT may excuses and become apologists for this worthless type of journalism, you cowards have the audacity to call his hate speech writing satire, measured, even truthful???

No I will not retreat, surrender, concede or offer any compromise or apologies for my posture and opinion of Jack and others when I observe this type of cheap, depraved hate speech operating under the costume of journalism..

Not ever....

Once again, guy – or gal - that’s a bullshit copout. Millions of people blog and take part in online forums with screen names, - including you - and that does not take away from the weight of their argument.

You have answered nothing. I don’t see a thing racist about the alleged quotes from Mr. Lessenberry you produced.

The only reason that I post anonymously is because I am personally afraid of people like Greg Thrasher.

People with whom I have principled disagreement, like Jack Lessenberry, don't frighten me in the least.

Greg Thrasher takes offense that Jack Lessenberry uses harsh language in relation to the likes of Monica Conyers and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. I can assure all, that Mr. Lessenberry has used equally harsh language in his criticism of public/political figures such as President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Former State Rep. Leon Drolet, State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, etc., etc., etc. None of whom are black, or women, or "black women."

Greg Thrasher has studiously avoided the question that was posed directly to him: Was jack Lessenberry in any way incorrect in his reporting on these things? To wit:
1. That Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick's Congresional Campaign solicited a campaign appearance from clebrity House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after which Rep. Kilpatrick voted against Detroit's interest and in favor Pelosi's chosen candidate (Henry Waxman) for Chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee? (Ending the decades-old tenure of John Dingell as the Ranking Democrat.) I say Lessenberry reported those facts accurately. Thrasher hasn't said anything. (Thrasher does say things like, "Dingell was an old incompetent." he says things like that without regard to issues, and indeed with a kind of deliberate contempt for the facts.)
2. That Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick did the bidding of Matty Maroun in relation to killing federal support funding for a plan for a federally-backed international Detroit River bridge. Maroun's money, paid to Kilpatrick's campaign, is a matter of record. (Unless there is even more cash and favors that we don't yet know about, but Lessenberry didn't even make that allegation. He stuck strictly to the provable public record.)

So again, we confront Thrasher with the facts, and the specifics; what part of his reporting did Lessenberry get wrong?

The correct answer is, "Not one bit of it." But of course that wouldn't stop Thrasher from saying that it is all about racism.

I agree with you that he continues to duck the question on what Lessenberry got wrong, as well as what was racist about it. I’m not sure about the Nancy Pelosi tit for tat, but there is no doubt she voted against Michigan’s best interest. There is also no doubt she is carrying water for GOP financier Matty Maroun.

The Bridge Company is in violation of the contract with the Gateway project, and when they get called on it, they are going to launch a massive PR campaign against MDOT falsely claiming MDOT is being unfair and killing jobs.

You clowns keep avoiding my truths and the reality that Jack's protrayal of Monica Conyers and CCK and other Black woman on the DCC is racist..There is nothing that both of you have posted which has altered my premise... Nothing!!!

Fact is both of you have avoided my detailed posts regarding Jack's racism from my posting of his quotes to his basic premise that the very idea that these Black woman did not do what Jack desired somehow makes them wrong and according your twisted aceeptance of Jack's hate speech they are ignorant,nasty, ill informed etc..( Jack's quotes about these woman are truly nasty and ugly he has never invoked these words on Granholm or Pelosi)..

CCK has not committed any crimes, nor accepted any bribes or whatever other fiction Jack has invented to assualt her with..Jack is a 2nd rate hack whose raw speculation about CCK again from my perspective is racist and depraved and certainly not responsible journalism..

BTW The idea that 2 white posters who lack the intellectual courage and integrity to post under real names have offered up shallow opinions about these woman,and myself is obvious..The fact you clowns are now apologists for Jack is also not a surprise..

One other note Anonymous is not only an intellectual coward his word means nothing becuase he posted he would never interact with my posts!!.. His claim that he fears me is revealing and sad on some many fronts..

In truth I should be fear white posters like him ...I do not hide behind an alias, most white males in are nation lead the FBI Index in a number of crime areas, from serial killers, to domestic terrorists to domestic abuse, threats and murders of our presidents, sex crimes, treason, occupational workplace shootings, school shootings etc..

Whites males in our nation have always been the most lethal agrregate ever in our country even before the FBI started to collect national crime stats..

So please do not hurt me or stalk me just becuae I am a real american ...One who does not hide behind an alias, One that dares to have an opinon, One that has a brand name in a number of venues..I may have to report you both to Homeland Security...lol,lol,lol

I am extremely reluctant to dignify Mr. Thrasher's comments with a reply, but for those who do not know me, my comments about Ms. Conyers and Ms. Kilpatrick have nothing to do with their color. I would be happy to have my attitudes toward black women judged by Free Press columnist Desiree Cooper or Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan or State Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith or Former Marygrove College President Glenda Price, all of whom I have had the honor and privilege to know and work with and who know me personally. I am also sure that Governor Granholm would be quite surprised at the thought that I had been easy on her.

The very fact that Jack has posted on this issue confirms my premise and my opinions of his vile and racist attacks on Monica Conyers and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and others( Martha Reeves & Barbara Rose Collins)..

Jack's insertion of a few Black woman who he claims will not agree with me is pure bullshit and chezzy deflective tatic that simply has no value or clout with me nor these woman if they were presented in detail with Jack's quotes and comments about these woman especially Jack's rants against Monica Conyers and Carolyn Kilpatrick..

The idea that Black woman will give Jack and pass validate his relationships with Black woman is just the type of arrogance and white privledge that drives the depth of contempt Jack has for Black woman..

BTW in our nation the legacy of angry white males seeking to create division among Black people and designate good coloreds and nice negroes against Blacks they view as a problem is a tired old 'race card' game. Jack continues to insult..

Fact is Jack has never attacked Granholm with the sane venom and vile verbaige he has employed towards Monica Conyers , Carolyn Kilpatrick, Martha Reeves and Barbara Rose Collins..

One does not need to know Jack on any level all one has to do is read his vile commentaries against these Black woman that nasty experience will confirm my premise about his truly racist and insensitive commentaries about these Black woman..

Tonite I will share Jack's commentaries with a number of Black woman some I know and others who do not share my political or personal views on a number of topics...

I will provide this forum with thier thoughts..I challenge Jack to share all of his commentaries with his selective group of Black woman who he claims will validate him..

To Be Continued...

So, in your warped mind if someone defends themselves from your ridiculous, vile and false charge that means it’s true? You are an idiot. Just so my argument carries more weight, my name is Kevin Shopshire.

So in your warped mind if someone dares to have an opinion that is not like yours they are an idiot?

BTW your arguments were worthless before I forced you to post under your real name and they remain shallow and worthless...

Now run along and work on your logic . BTW I knew I would get you to reveal your name I am very good in getting people to do what I want them to do...I have skills...lol,lol,lol

Thrasher nobody here attacked you until you arrived and pronounced everyone else a racist.

And then, the basic response was simply to demand of you that you explain any substantive errors in the Lessenberry essay.

No one here has ever attacked you on racial grounds. You, conversely, have attacked almost everyone else who dares question you, as a racist.

Personally, I think you are a person who is quite seriously mentally unbalanced. But I have no desire to debate that with you. I have little desire to debate anything with you. But I bristle at any casual, politically-motivated allegations of racism (you are the champion of such cheap allegations), and the only beat-down that is worth imposing on you is to hammer away at the fact that this Comments thread represents the umpteenth time that you have been called out on substantive facts, with no response from you other than more bland, paranoid allegations of "racism" against your critics.

The only question put to you has been, "Exactly what part of the Lessenberry essay was in error?" You haven't answered. I believe that you won't answer, because you can't.


You remain an intellectual coward and now even you promises in here are worthless..You posted you would never chat with me yet no doubt because of my skills you simply cannot get over me and my talking points...

I have posted with many people in here and on other sites and my personal history and my profile has never mattered , I have not called people racists who disagree with me I only call folks racists who expressed that mindset from my point of view which is very extensive with regard to issues of white racism and white privledge..

I have posted on this site and in the DMT my logic for calling out Jack need to attack me and make it personal again only reveals your lack of integrity anf ethics..

There is no basis for any writer of any principle to invoke and used the type of verbaige and language that Jack has employed against these Black woman..For you and others to defend his 2nd rate skills and his intentional vile contempt for these woman is tragic and sad..

I will continue to call you out and any others who attack me and defend racism..Your need to attack me , my think tank, my body of work etc again only reveals how obessed you are about me..You have continued to attack everything about me your eny and jealousy is truly at levels that are disturbing sometimes...

Please get over me..

Okay. I'm over you.

You have a think tank?

I am the director of an ALTERNATIVE THINK TANK aka PLANE IDEAS(c)


[email protected]

No offense, but that’s a blog.

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! "This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!"

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