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April 13, 2009


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Just a few months ago, it had been regarded as high treason for several southern-state Senators to have suggested that GM go through bankruptcy and reorganize. It had been widely, and inaccurately reported/presumed that those Senators actively wished GM to fail, for various made-up reasons such as the fact that transplant makers (VW, Toyota, BMW) had plants in those southern constituencies.

It was all a lie -- basically anti-Republican propaganda. Still, we all wintessed the spectacle of Governor Granholm, Senator Stabenow, and Rick Wagoner all solemnly swearing that "a bankrupt automaker cannot sell any cars, and won't survive." They had all been basically forced into those statements at dagger-points, by our friends at the UAW. A normal bankruptcy reporganization, under real law, would be a real kick in the pants for the UAW. As such, it was intolerable for the union, and for the union's political stooges. (Like Granholm, and Stabenow, and, for a while, the desperate Rick Wagoner.) Even if we do see some sort of hybrid government-backed pre-pack reorganization orchestrated for GM by the White House, it is likely to ignore usual legal checks and balances to placate the UAW.

All I ask is that as soon as the Democrats and Obama make any formal legal move toward a bankruptcy, whatever they decide to call it, they will simultaneously offer a written apology to Senators Shelby and Corker, who were right all along.

The auto industry in our state does not need to file bankruptcy nor should the UNIONS be indicteded and scapedgoated as the reason why our auto industry is in a meltdown..

We need to ackowledge that the end of the automobile is upon on us and the world and rather than engaged in endless attacks and wild speculation on how to save something that has a Darwin ending we should prepare right now for a new massive transit paradigm..

We can be the masters again of the people moving business..

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