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April 20, 2009


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I am so gald my perspective and political posture pevailed in the Cobo Center saga..I am also quite sure the angry negative and racist commentary from pudits like Jack and the MSN herd mentality also made it easy for the courts to rule pursuant my views on this issue..

Unlike Jack and others the court did not think any and all things decided by Black public officials i.e DCC and Monica Conyers is wrong or lacked substance..

I hope angry white folks like Jack and the ignorant people in the Suburbs who supported Jack's angry rants will not shut up and get out of the way while capable public officials run the city..

It is quite apparent as I have posted many times that the decisons and nonsense coming form the Governor's office and in backward boardrooms where empty suits like Brooks Patterson and his ilk exist mean nothing to judges and good common and legal sense..

Monica that Black woman Jack nad others loves to ataack and assualt with his hate speech is clearly not the loser so many think she is!!!!

I will be singing in my shower tonite drinkinga Detroit Micro Brew!!!!!

One other note..Jack is no Eugene Robinson( Lol,Lol,Lol I know talented Black folks to Jack..lol,lol,lol)

I am gald ataack nad assualt to

My God, that city is a joke.

You, thrasher, are a joke.

Your city is dead and falling in all around you and you idiots just live in your squalor like pigs.

Is it any wonder (smart) people are leaving in droves.

Monica Conyers is nothing more than an uncooth, uncivilized, uneducated, blowhard bitch.

Screw this town. It's over.


I do not live in Detroit..BTW many people are leaving many cities in the north not just Detroit...Many of these people are not credentialed folks either so you can cut and run as well..lol,lol,lol

I love it when I am right..tee hee


So now you are reduced to being my human spell checker...lol,lol,lol

BTW Eugene Robinson does not perform spelling checking on blogs...lol,lol,lol

You of course will never be as good as Eugene...( please do not forget to run a spell check on my latest posts...lol,lol,lol

Well written opinion piece, as usual. I just hope some more sensible heads with some foresight prevail on the city council. As a Democrat, it's getting harder and harder to defend the idiots on the council. I’m still waiting for someone to show me any instance of racism by Mr. Lessenberry.

Communication guru,

You are in denial ..You do not have the capacity it appears from your posting to handle the truth..

I have posted many of Jack's racist quotes and phrases on this very site..I have also directed you to Jack's Metro Times Commentaries where he has used many racist words and terms in his attack on the Black woman who are on the DCC...

What is tragic about Jack's racist rants is they were not needed but because he is a lousy 2nd rate writer who will never win a Pulitzer his talents lead him to write in that manner..

I have also shared Jack's quotes with a number of Black and White woman all agree with my opinion ..They were really troubled by Jack's venom on a number of levels as females..

Sorry, you must have me confused with somebody else because you have shown me nothing of a racist nature. Not here or on my blog. Pointing out someone’s immature and irresponsible actions does not reach the level of racism no matter how loud you scream it at the drop off a hat.

Communications guru,

Sorry but your opinions on the issue of racism from my point of view as a Black man have zero value or weight with me..

It is obvious you lack the capacity to share that perspective not only becuase you are a white male but it apparent your level of intellectual depth and maturation is simply not up to par with mine..

BTW I never scream in a chat forum I let my superior posts influence and impact the forum..

Now run along before I convince you to disclose more data and information about yourself the way I made you reveal your real name so far....tee hee

I don’t know you from Adam, nor do I know or care what the color of your skin is. The simple fact is you have not pointed out a single instance of racism. Also, judging from your writing, my maturity level far exceeds yours. Once again, my name has never been secret, and you did not make me reveal anything that was not common knowledge.

Thrasher lives in a world where in B.A. in Communications from MSU and no tangible career credentials qualifies as an expert. A law school flunkout that now freely uses the race card at the drop of a hand. All adverse events emanate from the white man.

Thrasher needs to understand that pathological Monica is just a hood sister with all the trappings. She will minimized over time and there is a better than even chance she'll be indicted. The DPS invesigation will have at least a dozen indictments and the flagship of the black community-Arthur Blackwell will be indicted and convicted. These evens follow the esteemed Mayor and his lothario doing pokey time.

It underscores that the black community's best and brightest leave just like the white kids. The marginal blacks-those destined for political office-seem to leave to do prison time.

Thrasher is below marginal in the skill/socio/econimic strata. He's just a frustrated failed hood boy cooling his heels in Birmingham and taking shots at everything. Not gainfully employed and at his core he knows he has no real marketable other than scaring white folks about their inherent evil.

Here's one white boy who has spent more time in the hood than shoe shine boy Thrasher and has actually employed more minorities than he could ever imagine. I've employed, promoted, given great benefits, competitive salaries and helped them save for retirement and their kid's college educations.

But I've read Thrasher's tragic rants for about five years now and beyond the obvious emotional malformations-he is a pure jealous racist that hates white folks and he believes that he has the moral high ground on all issues because of his skin color. An unaccomplished imposter that runs around Birmingham and environs and adds absolutely nothing to the public discourse.

Greg: Now go get your shine box.

Augustas 'You doth protest to much about me"...lol,lol,lol

Your post is truly tragic on so many levels let me examine them:

1. You have obessed over me for 5 years at least probably more and no doubt you have observed me in the public but you lack the balls and courage to acknowledge yourself in my presence( what a pussy and a wimp you are)..

2. Your information regarding my educational credentials are wrong but facts are never what drives angry white males like you..BTW I attended not 1 but 2 law schools and I have a number of professional licsnses...tee hee

3. You claim to have employed Black folks is based upon what? Where is your proof? You probably say 'plastic or paper often around Black folks no doubt...lol,lol,lol

4. Your attacks on Monica Conyers and your speculation that she and others will be indicted is based upon what? Where is your proof? Stop reading the newspapers they are going out of business they are so good and accurate...

5. Your need to call me names and attack me becuase I am a very sucessful and acomplished Black man just drives your little penis envy mind insane and full of rage is scary..Should I report you to Homeland Security?? Please do not stalk me..

Finally the one comment I will agree with you which was quite accurate is your post that you are a "white boy" confirms it all for me..lol,lol,lol


I forgot to add some of my best friends are whites and I graduated cum laude from MSU not with a degree in Communications (which BTW is an excellant degree from MSU)

Please email me or visit my blog planeideas.blogspot. com or watch me on my #1 TV show on cable BAPA TV Channel 15,18..as you know send you have been stalking me for past decade I am the most published social essayist in region and I will pen my last Birmingam Eccentric Commentary tomorrow in the paper( They are shuttering operations)..

"Always making a difference..."


A little dab of Kiwi on the right heel will do fine....and here's the tip. LOL, LOL,LOL

Take that shinebox and run along.


I had a chance to review your comments on this site 98% of theme are a reaction to me and my comments..

You really need to get over me...BTW what is Kiwi???

Now run along and sing your favorite words..Paper or Plastic...lol,lol,lol


A longtime I stopped reading your sewage. There is no logic, creativity or insight. There is just unfair and racist diatribes. I look at myself as an impromptu SCLC or ACLU-watch and confront the self-promoting uneducated pigs who are at their core just dumb, visceral and emotionally unbalanced. You fit the description perfectly. If you don't like my review of you-perhaps you should obtain an education and don't forget that stop at the local psychiatrist's office for your medication. An education and heavy meds would help you immensely but you'd still have those profound feelings of inadequacy and of course you'd continue to lash out as though you really have some insight.


Let's examine your latest hate filled rant against me..

1.You posted "I look at myself an impoptu SCLC or ACLU watch..." That is almost the exact quote I stated years ago in a new interview I did with AA Press after I attended a KK rally..How long have you been obessed with me??

2."uneduated pigs, dumb, visceral and emotionally unbalanced"..you really need to take a walk and get away from your pc man..Look at that rage and anger..

3. Your last long winded paragraph again reveals how tragic and angry a person you are...

Summary: You need to get a life man and stop this stalking of me..BTW did you read my latest commentary in the Birmingham Eccentric??( 4-23-09)..

I only ask one small favor of you..Please make a difference like I do...

Life has wonderful surprises-isn't the Eccentric going out of business? Couldn't boost that circulation or advertising revenue?

The Eccentric is the journalistic equivalent of a comic book. To take pride in having your "commentary" in the Eccentric is juvenile. The Eccentric fits nicely in the bottom of the parrot cages at the local pet shop.

I was in AA years ago and I actually graduated. As far as "stalking" you-I simply find amusement in your posts and I see it as a social duty to expose the charletan you are. A clown, buffoon and a dumb one at that. But I do like the makeup. Now go get your shinebox.


And your point is what?? It is apparent you have never been published in any publication..Your expertise is stalking progressive Black activists like me for years..

Your social duty is to obess over difference makers like me..

Now again let me reiterate run along and either wait for my next post to obess over or troll the internet for another one of my comments in another venue..

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