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April 22, 2009


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Leonidas Mi - Local Citizens Meeting Tomorrow 7pm to fight ANOTHER VREBA-HOFF CAFO!!!

Please educate yourself! Please, show your kids what it means to stand up for something.

Thursday, April 23, Leonidas, Mi Grange Hall - Mapquest the town and show up - you can't miss the grange hall and all the cars.

Local Teacher, farmers, neighbors create group to fight back

This could be a precedent setting case, for the first time in DEQ history they denied a discharge permit - but Vreba-Hoff wouldn't quit and eventually they got approval - tomorrows meeting is to show our state senators, congress, that we won't tolerate irresponsible corporate greed when it comes to our water supply.

See what happened to Hudson, MI when they let a vreba-hoff cafo in www.nocafos.org

You'll be amazed at the amount of risk Michigan will put it's citizens in for another Job.

We're talking about 60million gallons of antibiotic and hormone laced concentrated manure - spread throughout the county, by the company with the states worst environmental record, by an operator whose only experience is with under 200 cows in Germany on a pasture.

This will be built right next to bear creak - a tributary of the St. Joe. which travels 150 miles into In.

Please take action and come to our meeting, make it your earth day promise.

From the National Review Online: "The more people understand about 'Global Warming,' the less they care..."


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