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April 27, 2009


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I think that what Jack Lessenberry has written makes good sense and the tone is decidedly non-partisan.

My only comment is that this blog entry could have been written five months ago, by Tennessee Senator John Corker, who tried, unsuccessfully, to bring all of GM's stakeholders, including the UAW, together for a bipartisan bailout bill. He failed, of course, when the UAW backed away from a deal.

And though the Lessenberry column above could have been written by Senator Corker several months ago, Corker was, at the time, ridiculed and hounded by much of the left-leaning press. For not supporting the auto industry, and daring to think about a bankruptcy. Now Corker simply appears to have been wise, and prescient. But he'll get no credit, naturally.

Nor will any blame be cast upon Governor Jennifer Granholm, or Senator Debbie Stabenow, who looked all of us in the eye, and said essentially, 'No automaker can survive bankruptcy. Bankruptcy for GM, or for Chrysler, is out of the question.'

And so it goes in the world of the liberal mainstream media.

[One interesting news note from the world of print newspapers today. Almost every major newspaper in the country was reported with down circulation numbers for the six months ending last month. Some were small, single-digit declines, some were large double-digit dropoffs. One newspaper reported a small INCREASE in circulatoon; the Wall Street Journal. The Journal's editorial page might have written this coulmn for Jack Lessenberry, not five months ago, but rather five years ago.]

Clearly Jack has been lost at sea on this issue and others but his commentary today or months agon would not have changed much about the auto industry..

Fact is conservatives nor liberals neither have the power to alter truth or the natural destiny of economic forces coupled with the maturation of a manufacturing sector..

Truth is no automotive company American, German, Asian will ever make a difference in the new world order..Our planet and the realities of the planet's natural resources can handle 15 million units annually..

We must make a absolute change from cars to mass transit..We must change for economic forcasts to appease Wall St to global transactions which enhance the process of life and living as a human being..

I am not going to take a chaep shot at Jack today..I know the truth is bigger than all of us..

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