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March 03, 2009


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What is interesting about the meltdown of the automotive sector from the management to the union is the total lack of competent leadership on both sides of the equation. The Big 3 CEO's are lousy and so is the UAW leaders worthless...

The protrait of the automotive industry is nothing but empty frames of impotent men with shallow skills and myopic vision.

Not only was the American auto industry being destroyed by Asians, Germans, and now Koreans but our own ceo's managers, union shop leaders were taking a dive as well...

This is truly a cluster fuck saga..

Prof. Shaiken mentions in passing "The Employee Free Choice Act."

Listeners should understand what that dubious and ironically-named legislation stands for. In part, it stands for "card check," in which union-recognition elections among non-unionized workers are no longer conducted by secret ballot, but instead there is a "card check" in which everyone - your employer, your fellow employees, the very large union agents standing out in the parking lot with baseball bats - EVERYONE; knows whether or not you favor union representation.

To most Americans, the concept sounds like something from Soviet-era Eastern Europe, or Red China. To Democrats in Congress, eager to please their union donors, it sounds like "The Employee Free Choice Act."

It must not pass, and it will not pass as currently proposed. People across the country will soon find out what "The Employee Free Choice Act" is really all about. It is all about Employee Pressured Choice.

Nonsense no one is forcing anyone to check off any boxes...More propaganda and disinformation from nobodies who post under Anonymous...

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