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March 25, 2009


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LOL,LOL,LOL...Jack had a meeting with a bunch of losers and this is news..LOL,LOL,LOL...


Do you ever have any positive or optimistic things to say? What are your suggested solutions to today's problems. Don't just criticize what Jack says, propose some 'realistic' solutions for a change, or better yet, describe how you will create some jobs and lower the deficit. If Michigan is so messed up (and it is) why are you still here - are you a masochist? Do you love misery, or is your sole purpose in life picking on Jack? What are your specific solutions - we haven't heard ANY!

“We're facing an economic tidal wave, and they are arguing over whether to ban smoking in cigar bars?” The jackass who said that needs to remains nameless, and I doubt he was ever in Lansing. How do you get 148 people to negotiate at once? Does everything stop because leadership can’t get together? This bill is important to many people. If he’s saying there should be no arguing over the ban he’s right. A smoking ban should have been in place years ago.

You are also right in laying much of the blame on term limits. If Mike Bishop would stop campaigning for his next political office and put the welfare of Michigan above that of playing to his base things would get done.

The person who said that was in extremely high office in Lansing and elsewhere.


I have posted on this site with numerous ideas and recommendations..You can of course read my thoughts on my blog planeideas.blogspot.com

BTW who made you Jack's press agent?? My opinions about Jack's worthless skills are very important for those who read this site and expect some degree of substance and quality..I am providing a public service by reminding fols how shallow Jack is..

Sorry George but we all cannot be lap dogs and suck ups like you with regard to Jack

Thanks for the reply, Mr. Lessenberry. I always enjoy reading your columns and essays. I wonder if I would be out of line if I called that guy who holds high office in Lansing a jackass; at least on the smoking issue.


BTW where are your ideas and recommendations?? I have offered on this site and other forums in this region my thoughts and recommendations including the following:

1. Slice corrections budget by 75% on incarcarate the truly dangerous types. legalize drugs and tax both drugs and increase taxes on liguor and all medicines even over the counter drugs..

2. Eliminate all school disticts and just have one state district

4. Eliminate all police departments and just have one state police department

5. Part time state legislature. Eliminate all county government districts, all villages, townships, etc..

6. Sale Great Lakes water to other states

7. Leased state land for other states toxic trash

8. Create state taxes for non-profits and religious enterprises

9. Freeze all salaries at state universities

10. Eliminate all state tax credits and create more state enterprise zones.

We need a state which is more productive and labor intensive in the right departments such a posture can increase employment and reduce waste and excessive government duplication and more calibrated tax revenue and expendiures..


See ... you can suggest something other than just attaching Jack! A couple of your suggestions sound interesting, but most sound like pretty standard libertarian positions. You want to sell our water?! You want garbage dumped in our state in exchange for some money?! HellooooOOO! We just had a catastrophic financial meltdown in this country BECAUSE people only cared about making some FAST money, without regard to the future. Ask the Detroit car makers what happened AFTER they got the EASY money, but didn't prepare for the future!

At least you will get more feedback (and maybe a little more respect) if you stick to debating issues like this, rather than just attacking people like Jack. He's entitled to his opinions and analysis, just like you and he worked his way up to his current position - just like Obama did. Do you really think he has THAT MUCH influence over his audience?! He's not exactly a RUSH LIMBAUGH now - is he? Do you think Obama cares about what he says?


You are apparently quite new to this blog with regard to my footprints and the depth and nature of the venom that has been directed at me by Jack and his comrades for years...

In any event there is no need to revisit that history but I will not forget it nor will I allow Jack and others to piss and dump on me at will.

You are correct the personal banter is silly and counter productive but it is what it is..

With regard to my ideas and opinions I do not view them as being liberterian nor a bit left of Jack's..I follow and practice the politics of elementalism aka reality driven themes..

My ideas about selling Great Lake water and usuing our state for storage of trash are simply very productive measures to make money instead of tax credits and spending revenues..

I have no idea how much influence any one has in the world, I can only be accountible for my interests..

I think Obama is over his head but on the right track in some areas ..what troubles me about Obama is that he would accept nonsense from angry white liberals like Jack and others before my thoughts Obama is handcuffed by his campaign mantra of being a happy negro and he is more concerned about that bandwidth..

Of course my views are just as validate and foundational:-)

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